28 September 2007

(TGI) Friday

I'm going crazy with the Easyjet holidays site. This is because I can't find a freakin' "book" button. I even wrote to them, expecting some kind of automated reply but it actually looks like a real person answered. They told me this:

"Thank you for your email.
> You have not said what date you are looking for. It is possible
> that the dates you require are not yet available to book.
> If you want to provide us with more information we should be able
> to assist you."

Then I wrote back and told them that this is not the case and they replied saying:

"Unfortunately, I am unable to help you with your enquiry. My best advice to you would be to contact the hotel directly. They can be contacted via their website.
I am really sorry I am unable to help you on this occasion and apologise for any inconvenience this may have caused"

I wrote to the same address both times I should add. They've obviously been trained in customer services with their apologies, but why can't they just tell me how I pay and book? I find it odd that the Easyjet group have hidden their "book" button. I mean, they make you pay to choose seats, for dirty water passed off as coffee, to check in a bag etc etc.

I've been going back to the site and trying different browsers in the past few days, just in case, but I still can't work it out. Oh well, looks like I'll have to look elsewhere.

19 September 2007

รจ un miracolo!

Today is San Gennaro, the patron saint of Napoli. Every 19th of September people push and shove to get a front row seat in the church where a vial of San Gennaro's blood is contained. Be there early if you want to get in.

If a miracle happens and the blood turns to liquid then Naples can sleep safe. If it doesn't then something bad might happen to the city. For example, in 1980 before the earthquake the blood didn't liquefy.

Much of Naples had a day off today to celebrate San Gennaro. Unfortunately the kid in the apartment above us had a day off too. He donned his lead shoes and played ball in the house all morning. Now if he learnt some manners that would be a real miracle.

18 September 2007

Eccomi qua

I've not posted for a while as I've been away (UK - will post more soon). I thought that was an acceptable excuse for not posting, however I've just discovered Madonna's blog and she posts practically every day on holiday meeting foreign presidents or not.

Now, in my defense I didn't have web access or I would have posted too. Madonna probably doesn't have to worry about internet access costs or technical problems, I'm sure her staff sort anything like that out.

When I first saw her blog I thought "Wow she's so busy with kids and an amazing career and she blogs everyday too. Shame on me", but then I ask myself how many maids does she have? And, dare I say it, does she even write the blog stuff herself or does she just give ideas to one of her people who turn it into witty blog banter and interesting posts hence making it the fourth most popular blog in blog land?

Anyway, despite my slightly bitter tune, I don't really mean it. Well done Mads, great blog.

Maybe she'll even link me one day ... Or am I not show-biz enough... Mmm

6 September 2007


The weather has come cool and slightly autumny which is really nice. I hope it keeps this way though I have my doubts as to whether the heat is properly over or not just yet.

There's something I love about putting a jumper on after months of wearing summery tops.

We went for a drive down the coast yesterday and I forgot my camera - DOH! I had my phone which takes a decent photo but I don't think any camera would really have done the scenes justice. The sea was a mesmerising blue-green colour. I've never seen it so clear. Absolutely beautiful.

Here's one photo I took:

4 September 2007


August was supposed to be the month when I practised driving enough to become independent on the roads of Naples. I decided on August because it's the quietest month in Nap so consequently there are fewer (crazy) people on the roads. Anyway, August has come and gone and I'm still not quite there yet. I still need a bit more practise, but I'm trying to drive whenever I get the chance so that I can hopefully go it alone soon.

One thing I really don't like is when I'm in traffic and cars are pushing to get in my lane. OH says I must stand my ground and not be pushed out. Must try harder, though sometimes I question if I've got the right mind set to drive here. I'm not sure I'm aggressive enough. Perhaps a mild case of road rage will come to me in time.

Here's a video from You Tube to give you an idea of what I'm up against.