6 September 2007


The weather has come cool and slightly autumny which is really nice. I hope it keeps this way though I have my doubts as to whether the heat is properly over or not just yet.

There's something I love about putting a jumper on after months of wearing summery tops.

We went for a drive down the coast yesterday and I forgot my camera - DOH! I had my phone which takes a decent photo but I don't think any camera would really have done the scenes justice. The sea was a mesmerising blue-green colour. I've never seen it so clear. Absolutely beautiful.

Here's one photo I took:


Farfallina - Roam 2 Rome said...

I love autum! Hehe, especially because of the nicer clothes you can wear before winter comes and we need to layer even more and cover it up with a coat :)

Wow, that's a good picture for a phone camera!

Giulia said...

Yes, there's nothing better than that crispness in the air! We have gone back to wearing socks in my house! Wohooo, I love the feeling. :)
I have to agree... that is a great photo taken with your phone!
Looks like you've hopped on the watermarked photos bandwagon too? Good for you!

nyc/caribbean ragazza said...

very nice photo.... I agree with Giulia and Roam 2 Rome. I can't believe that is with a camera photo.

How do you watermark photos?

KC said...

My MIL is convinced that the heat will return, but I hope she's wrong. The cooler weather is so refreshing and I also love to wear the nicer fall and winter clothes.

Delina said...

Yes I'm on the watermarking bandwagon too!

NYC/Caribbean ragazza, I used a program called PicMark which I believe is only for Mac...

For windows there's http://www.faststone.org/FSResizerDetail.htm
I didn't use this myself but it was recommended to me.

Sorry for not responding earlier but I've been sans internet.

Nadine said...

Nice photo. One day I just want to visit all these places I've seen pictures of.

BTW - come on by for your award.

Delina said...

Thanks Nadine. I'm on my way over!