19 September 2008

It's a miracle again!

The miracle of San Gennaro happened this morning at 9.43.


14 September 2008


I got back from Prague this week. It's a really beautiful city and I'd definitely recommend a visit there. The view over the river with the castle and Charles bridge is just magical.

I'd like to see Prague again in the winter time. This time we were hoping to get away from the heat for a few days, only to hit nearly 30 degrees there too. The evenings were cool at least. So strange as looking at the temperatures for Prague now it's a max of 14°C today.

Blue blue sky in Prague:

My legs and feet have just about recovered from all the walking. Hopefully the many kilometers covered helped to work off some of the food we had. Czech cuisine, from what I saw, is not for the light eater and the hotel we stayed in had super buffet breakfasts too. What's a girl to do?

If the weather man says it's raining you won't see me complaining

We've finally got rain!!! Yesterday we were promised storms and it only rained a little so I was a bit disappointed, but during the night it has really rained. Much needed. My plants are singing out with joy, though they're a bit battered too as it's been quite windy.

7 September 2008


With August over I decided it was safe to hit the beach so off we went to Acciaroli which can be found going further south, after Salerno. It has the all important Bandiera Blue which means the sea is just gorgeous. It wasn't too busy at all, mainly families with young kids. A few photos:

I saw lots of this fruit around:

In Italian they're called fichi d'india. Anyone know the name in English? I just did a quick Google and found "Cactus fruit", but I think there's another name used.