29 June 2007

Love is in the air

There’s a trend which started off on Ponte Vecchio where the young and in love would lock a padlock to the bridge then throw the key into the Arno as a way of sealing their undying love. The authorities put an end to this as there were just too many padlocks causing a strain on parts of the bridge. There’s now a 50 euro fine if you’re caught leaving a lock.

The making of a film (Ho Voglia di Te) caused the trend to move downwards to Rome where the film was made. Again too many people in love meant that had to be stopped too.

Now it seems that the trend has arrived as far south as Napoli. Whilst down on the lungomare a few weeks ago I noticed that people have started attaching padlocks to a lamppost as a sign of eternal locked and bolted Neapolitan love.

Then, last week in Parco Virgiliano I saw a few padlocks locked to a fence overlooking the sea...

So there's either a lot of lovin' going on in Naples or a lot of bikes have been nicked. Both possible. Though it's not much of a bike riding city.

27 June 2007


I don't know if this is general opinion or not, but does everyone agree that Paris looked so much better when she came out of prison than when she went in? Or maybe you have no opinion :) (I understand).

25 June 2007


It's been a million trillion degrees plus humidity today - well at least it felt that way. When I got in I found that the newly put up (yesterday) mosquito net had melted it's way off and on to the floor. It was only held up by velcro, but the one in the kitchen stays up and that's held up in the same way. ?? The new one gets the midday sun though. So it's back to closing the windows as soon as it's gets to evening time just in case we get some unwanted visitors.

I'm off to water the plants on the balcony now as it's after 10pm so I can. Before 10 it's not allowed. I'm a star condomina I'm sure you'll agree ;). Wish I could say the same for the ball bouncing kid upstairs. :S

24 June 2007

Colazione - English style

Here's this morning's breakfast - courtesy of Mum. Thankyou!

Mushrooms and eggs from up the road.
Bacon from Marks and Spencers.
Bak-ed beans from Tesco.

20 June 2007


Mia Mamma is on her way as I type so I'm cleaning like a mad woman. I want to have the place looking in tip top condition. Woman over the way is always cleaning, even her balcony is immaculate. I should invite her over. Maybe she could teach me a few things. Or perhaps not.

We should be hitting the beach tomorrow so it's time to dust down that bikini and turn myself into a prawn. Woo hoo!

19 June 2007

Che caldo

It was 40 degrees C on the thermometer outside at lunchtime today. The air conditioning on the car is on the blink (in that it isn't blowing cold), so you can imagine what it was like sat in the traffic today. I'm not looking forward to doing that again tomorrow.

I think I'll have to stop wearing jeans soon. They'll have to be tucked away for the summer. Miss them as I will, it's just too darn hot.

The heat means that people have started wearing white trousers and incorrect underwear too. So wrong. One of the perils of the summer I suppose.

17 June 2007


"congratulation on your teegre loz ov love ed best wisces for the future from your prod mam ed dad"

...My parents got some new bedroom furniture for my room at home not long ago. So whilst I was there last week I did some sorting through my old stuff and came across the above card. This was sent to me with a bunch a roses by my parents in summer 2001 - via Interflora - when I got my degree results (or should that be "teegre"). I think it must have been the euphoria of the moment, but at the time I didn't notice the English. LOL.

Now, I'm not one who thinks that everyone should speak English, at all, but when you're providing an international service, if you can't speak the lingo, get some coping tools! - A fax machine, the internet, whatever! Don't take a message over the phone in a language you're not fluent in - or if you do have to, get them to spell everything out! If you don't, the above might happen to you too.

The "loz ov love" reminds me of text speak. Maybe the florist was before his time and was already doing text speak in 2001.

Loz of love, Delina.

9 June 2007

I'm off on my travels today so I'll be a bit quiet for the next week or so. Be good. Missing you already! :)

7 June 2007

A conversation

...From today:

Woman: "Do you have bacon and eggs every morning?"

Me: "Erm, no. Well, occasionally when I’m in England and not working. Otherwise I normally have cereal."
I'm not putting the bacon on at 6:30am, and even if I had insomnia, it's not easy to find.

Woman: "Do you eat better generally here or in England?"

Me: "Here" *

Woman: "I suppose you can always go to McDonald's or Burger King if you want food from home."

Me: "Prego?" Oh deary deary me.

* "Here" because *generally* the food is better here. Meaning that wherever you go, take away, restaurant, bar, someone's house, the food goes from good to fantastic. Whereas in England some places have no shame in serving trash. They’re much more proud of their food here. This is not to say there is some fantastic food in England, it can be just a bit harder to find :)

3 June 2007


It's fever pitch in Napoli! The horns are starting to sound and the occasional firework goes off. Today Naples play Lecce for a place in Serie A. OMG! I'm not sure if a draw will work for them too or another combination. Ask the experts.

It's raining today but the street sellers are still out selling flags, t-shirts and those noisy trombe things (horns). OH wanted to buy a horn but I put my foot down. The t-shirts on sale include a variety with Maradona on front. Maradona is still, after all these years, GOD to most Neapolitan men. Many Neapolitans have at least one video of his greatest goals or best moments in their collection, some even named their kid Diego or Armando.

If you're not Neapolitan fluent, this tee (below), next to the Maradona one (I think that's ol' Diego), in a nutshell says "How fortunate I am to be Neapolitan." LOL

The kid in the house in front of ours has had the full Napoli strip on since at least yesterday morning. I'm not a big supporter of any team, but I hope they win mainly because I don't want people to be disappointed - like the kid in the house in front.

Forza Napoli!