3 June 2007


It's fever pitch in Napoli! The horns are starting to sound and the occasional firework goes off. Today Naples play Lecce for a place in Serie A. OMG! I'm not sure if a draw will work for them too or another combination. Ask the experts.

It's raining today but the street sellers are still out selling flags, t-shirts and those noisy trombe things (horns). OH wanted to buy a horn but I put my foot down. The t-shirts on sale include a variety with Maradona on front. Maradona is still, after all these years, GOD to most Neapolitan men. Many Neapolitans have at least one video of his greatest goals or best moments in their collection, some even named their kid Diego or Armando.

If you're not Neapolitan fluent, this tee (below), next to the Maradona one (I think that's ol' Diego), in a nutshell says "How fortunate I am to be Neapolitan." LOL

The kid in the house in front of ours has had the full Napoli strip on since at least yesterday morning. I'm not a big supporter of any team, but I hope they win mainly because I don't want people to be disappointed - like the kid in the house in front.

Forza Napoli!


Max said...

Forza Azzurri!!! Forza Diegooo!!!!!

Giulia said...

"Maradona is still, after all these years, GOD to most Neapolitan men...some even named their kid Diego or Armando"

OH, that's i-n-t-e-r-e-s-t-i-n-g. But, I'll leave it at that as I don't want to offend. ;)

I was wondering what all these azzurri flags were doing all over the place? Now I know.
I, for one, am not a sports fan. Of course after Italy won the World Cup last year, I went all out to support our guys. How could I not go out after every victory and blow my fog horn and wave the flag out of my car along with every other Italian in sight?! But, that's where I draw the line. lol

Delina said...

Well, they won 1-0, but I've found out that now they need to win against Genoa next Sunday to go into Serie A. I think there are other dependencies too. Giulia, like you I'm not a big sports fan, and TBH this is all a bit too complicated for me. LOL.

Max, so you're a Diego fan too? :)

Max said...

Yes of course! Ho avuto la fortuna di "vivere" 2 scudetti proprio qui a Napoli... è stata l'esperienza più bella della mia vita!

KC said...

My brother-in-law loves Maradona so much that he uses his name as his email password!

Shelley - At Home in Rome said...

OMG I'll never forget my very first day EVER in Rome, June 2001... the very day after the Roma soccer team won the national championship after like 20 years. My introduction to Italy was similar to what you're experiencing right now. Nowadays when there's a big match in a way sometimes I almost wish they don't win just so I can get some sleep. ;-)

Nadine said...

I love reading your blog. I find all the cultural information so interesting, plus you post great pictures.

Delina said...

Max, I imagine it was great when they won.

KC, that's funny. I bet there's quite a few maradona1 at libero.its etc eheheh.

Shelley, I remember that Roma win too. Obviously it wasn't so big here, but I remember seeing it on tv. It must have been crazy!

Nadine, aw thanks! :)

Anonymous said...

forza napoli ! very supportive fans in the world !! thanks diego maradona for the the greatest football history and today i enjoy ur video playing in naples (1984-1991) - greeting from malaysia !