6 May 2008


Anyone watching X Factor? The winner IMO should be Emanuele - think he forgot the words to Purple Rain this eve though. The judges are quite nice - not sure that X Factor judges should be nice, Simon Cowell considered. What amazes me most with every installment, is not the singing, but the colour of judge Simona. What colour did she ask for her make up to be? Oompa Loompa? Tangerine orange?

3 May 2008


I'm thinking of getting a new mobile phone. The one I've got isn't that old but it's a Motorola and quite frankly I've persevered enough. Sending texts to the wrong number etc happens too often. It has to be a Nokia this time.

The ones I like are these. What do you think? Anyone got one? I never thought I'd say this, but one of the qualities it has to have is a camera. A few years ago I used to say "why would I need to carry a camera around with me all the time?" But I now realise that it's an essential tool for a blogger.

Or maybe I should just save my money...