20 June 2007


Mia Mamma is on her way as I type so I'm cleaning like a mad woman. I want to have the place looking in tip top condition. Woman over the way is always cleaning, even her balcony is immaculate. I should invite her over. Maybe she could teach me a few things. Or perhaps not.

We should be hitting the beach tomorrow so it's time to dust down that bikini and turn myself into a prawn. Woo hoo!


Giulia said...

Yes, go to the beach and COOL OFF! It's hot as hell around here... take me with you.

P.S. Never invite a woman with an immaculate balcony over to your home. You will regret it! lol

Have fun with you Mum. :)

Delina said...

I was kinda of joking about inviting the woman over. Well, I thought I could make coffee whilst she cleaned :) You know, show me how it's done. LOL

KC said...

Have a great time with your mother and don't forget the sunblock!

Jeff Gromen said...

Yesterday I paid a little old lady to come over and clean to help get my apartment ready for my sister and her husband. My excuse is that my sister is a little allergic to cats and I want to make sure the place is clean. Four hours and she only charged me 24 euro!


Giulia said...

Yeah, I knew you were kidding! :)
Jeff, only 24 euros, eh? That's great!

Anonymous said...

Hi, I just came across your site and was wondering if you could recommend any of the best places in your opinion to eat in Venice as I'm heading there w/family next month. Or maybe you know someone who could recommend some places? Thanks!!

zekks at yahoo.com

nyc/caribbean ragazza said...

LOL. have a great time at the beach.

Delina said...

Jeff, that sounds good. I think the going rate for cleaners is about 7 euro an hour here. I've been tempted to get a cleaner, but so far I've held off.

Chris, I've never been to Venice. You could try asking on Expats in Italy or Slow travel forums. Google them, both are great sites for Italy help.

Thanks KC and NYC ragazza!

Shirley said...

You sound like me when my mum used to come over, it was a mad cleaning session as she was a clean freak when I was growing up. I must have rebelled against it as I am nothing like that now.
Have a fabulous relaxing time at the beach.