18 September 2007

Eccomi qua

I've not posted for a while as I've been away (UK - will post more soon). I thought that was an acceptable excuse for not posting, however I've just discovered Madonna's blog and she posts practically every day on holiday meeting foreign presidents or not.

Now, in my defense I didn't have web access or I would have posted too. Madonna probably doesn't have to worry about internet access costs or technical problems, I'm sure her staff sort anything like that out.

When I first saw her blog I thought "Wow she's so busy with kids and an amazing career and she blogs everyday too. Shame on me", but then I ask myself how many maids does she have? And, dare I say it, does she even write the blog stuff herself or does she just give ideas to one of her people who turn it into witty blog banter and interesting posts hence making it the fourth most popular blog in blog land?

Anyway, despite my slightly bitter tune, I don't really mean it. Well done Mads, great blog.

Maybe she'll even link me one day ... Or am I not show-biz enough... Mmm


nyc/caribbean ragazza said...

wait a minute, Madge has a blog? I have to check that out.

welcome back.

Delina said...

Yeah she has, it's a nice blog too.

I think she uses it as a way of keeping people updated before the press do it for her. I saw those Israel pics in a UK tabloid, the newspaper had obviously took the story and pics from her blog, though they didn't mention that.