28 September 2007

(TGI) Friday

I'm going crazy with the Easyjet holidays site. This is because I can't find a freakin' "book" button. I even wrote to them, expecting some kind of automated reply but it actually looks like a real person answered. They told me this:

"Thank you for your email.
> You have not said what date you are looking for. It is possible
> that the dates you require are not yet available to book.
> If you want to provide us with more information we should be able
> to assist you."

Then I wrote back and told them that this is not the case and they replied saying:

"Unfortunately, I am unable to help you with your enquiry. My best advice to you would be to contact the hotel directly. They can be contacted via their website.
I am really sorry I am unable to help you on this occasion and apologise for any inconvenience this may have caused"

I wrote to the same address both times I should add. They've obviously been trained in customer services with their apologies, but why can't they just tell me how I pay and book? I find it odd that the Easyjet group have hidden their "book" button. I mean, they make you pay to choose seats, for dirty water passed off as coffee, to check in a bag etc etc.

I've been going back to the site and trying different browsers in the past few days, just in case, but I still can't work it out. Oh well, looks like I'll have to look elsewhere.


Caroline in Rome said...

Oh well. Think of it this way: you will end up booking somewhere, so it is their loss, not yours.

Emmina said...

Don't talk to me about Easyjet!! We flew from Milan to Naples in August and our suitcase has never been found since!!! Although I sense it is more to do with Malpensa airport than anything else...

Kate said...

This is how it worked for me: you have to add the holiday to your shortlist first, then open the shortlist (appears as a popup at the bottom of my screen, so if you have popups disabled or anything i guess it might not turn up!). Then go into "view this holiday" on the shortlist bit, and right at the very bottom of the new screen, if you keep scrolling down, is a "confirm and proceed" button, which i think is what you're looking for!
There you go, free IT support in exchange for your lovely writing :-)

Mario Martinez said...

hey just to let you know you have a very nice blog going on here. i love to read about Naples for i am going this summer of 2008, and plan to move there sometime. thanks for your blog i have learned a lot from it thanks


Delina said...

Caroline, unable to work it out and not getting very far with customer services, I ended up booking just the easyjet flights, then I'll look around for hotels, or open up hotel delinissima :) - it's for visitors you see.

Emmina, it might be more to do with Malpensa. I've had my luggage go astray when connecting through there too. That was with Alitalia - not a good combination :D

Kate, thanks! It could be something to do with pop ups because one time I was able to continue with the booking, but I never saw that option again.

Thanks Mario!