27 July 2008

How was your 'workend'?

This is how I feel about the weekend these days - nothing but a workend. Chores chores, things to do, grocery shopping, cleaning, laundry, recycling. Then the week starts all over again. If only the weekend were three days long instead of only two.

Need a holiday.


Bugsy said...

I know! I feel the same... It's the laundry, it's dusting, it's shopping and so much more and then it's monday again :(

Leanne in Italy said...

I must admit that I am lucky in the fact that I do not have an office job, therefore can plan my time as I like.
I spent the weekend having a picnic in the park and going to the cinema twice!

Gil said...

Don't you have any of those famous long Italian weekends coming up pretty soon?

Emmina said...

You're absolutely right! It seems to take over.... Last Sunday we were planning on going to see Batman but didn't get there in the end as there was just too much to do at home! This is the problem with working a 60-hour week... I suggest getting a cleaning lady - I had one for a while but then we moved, and now I don't know anyone I could trust enough. It makes all the difference though, even for just a couple of hours a week!

Delina said...

Bugsy, so true.

Leanne, picnic? Cinema?! Lucky you!

Gil actually, 15th of August is coming up so I should be getting a rest then. Notice the use of "should" :)

Emmina, I've been tempted to get a cleaner. But then our place is not so big (by UK standards) so together we can clean it in an hour. Plus, with such long hours it's hard to pick a good time for them to come, unless we give him/her the keys - which I don't think we'd do considering the very low level of trust which people have in others here. Ah city life.