1 August 2008

The times they are a changin'

Both Thursday and Friday driving home from work around 7pm I found myself stuck in traffic. Traffic!? Just a few years ago by the end of August the city would be practically empty by now, but it seems that habits have changed and not everyone is on holiday. Even though not empty, the traffic situation is still much improved compared to "normal" months which is fabulous and one of the reasons why I'd rather work during the summer and take my holidays out of peak season.


Kataroma said...

I like to stay around in Rome during August too. So relaxing having the place (more or less) to oneself. Too bad others are cottoning on and staying in the city too.

Can you imagine how crowded the beach must be during August?

Delina said...

It's the only time you get can a bit of quiet in Naples.

Some friends went to the beach today and there wasn't even a lettino free.

Leanne said...

Rome does not seem so quiet to me...no one can afford to go on holidays so the roads are not as dead as I would like them to be!
I've noticed no difference so far to be truthful.