13 July 2008


My tomatoes - grown from seeds - have finally turned red! Yey!

Here they are a few weeks ago:

And today:


Annika said...

They're really pretty! I'm really happy that it's tomato season in Italy now, the poor pale things we can buy here should not be mentioned on the same day as real, tasty, juicy sun-ripened tomatoes.

nyc/caribbean ragazza said...


The tomatoes here are glorious and apparently samonella (sp) free. There is a big outbreak in the States.

bleeding espresso said...

Gorgeous Delina! Now how will you enjoy them?

Delina said...

Annika, you're right, tomatoes here are especially yummy!

NYC/Caribbean, thank you! The good thing about growing your own veg is that you know exactly who has messed with them.

Bleeding espresso. So much choice. They're cherry tomatoes so the number one plate will have to be bruschetta.

Nadine said...

Lovely. They are so red. I bet they will taste really good.

Shirley said...

ooh they look lovely and healthy....We arrived home a couple of days ago to find that the sheep had trampled over ours :(