20 April 2008


It's been lovely weather today. 26 degrees the weather man says. This is about as hot as I'm comfortable with to be honest. Any hotter and I get a bit grumpy.

We bought some new curtains the other day and tried to put them up with "mille chiode" yesterday. Mille chiode is called "no nails" in England. On the UK ad it shows a chair stuck to the wall (with "no nails") and someone sitting on it, so I thought curtains would stay up no problem, but no, not even the rail would hold up. Granted, it was a child sitting on the chair on the ad, but surely he weighed more than a curtain rail. So off we went to buy a drill. We went to Leroy Merlin - so much choice in there. I somewhat begrudge spending money on stuff like drills and can't help equating the cost to a pair of shoes/new clothes, but apparently one needs to have these things. The good thing about being in a rented house is that we can both practice how to use a drill. Curtains are now up, just need to turn them up as they're bunched up on the floor at the bottom. Will leave that for another time, what with Sunday being the day of rest.


Gil said...

How can you begrudge spending money on tools? Just wait until you get your own place and your OH will be buying all kinds of new toys. Well, unless he takes them from his Father like my kids do.

Cherrye - My Bella Vita said...

Oh, I understand begruding spending money on tools. Believe me, I am with YOU!

Leanne said...

I have never purchased any tools and do not think I would like to begin as they must be expensive!

Cath said...

Can you come round to our house - have been trying to put up a curtain for three years! (Can't fix it onto the wooden blind box, or the ceiling - metal girder!)

Delina said...

Gil, we were going to borrow a drill from OH's dad, but in the end we decided to buy our own.

Cherrye, whilst there are shoes, I'll never be happy buying tools.

Leanne, you're not missing anything.

Cath, I understand completely, but once it's done there's quite a feeling of triumph. Our rail has gone above the pesky blind box.