23 April 2008

If only all bills were like this

Gas bill total to pay: 0.00 euro.

For anyone wondering why this is, in Italy if you don't communicate your usage, then the gas/electric company "guesses" what you've used. After some months when they eventually get a reading, they straighten things out so you either end up with an enormous bill because you've not paid enough, or you get a zero bill because they guessed wrong and you paid too much.

Luckily for us this time it was the latter! Phew.


Gil said...

Stupid me, I thought that the bill was zero because you weren't gas customer!

Anonymous said...

shouldn't they refund you money then?

Delina said...

Gil, yes we are customers.

Anon, I think they would refund if you were ending your contract, otherwise they take it off your next bill/s. I think our next one should be reduced or even zro too.

Alyson said...

Can we swop?! Just paid mine today - I think I paid yours and a few others too! €2,255.00 and I am using the English way of writing money! And it was right!