10 April 2008


Yesterday I had my second trip to a newly found dentista. I think it might be a case of third time lucky as it is the third dentist I’ve been to here. First one took two hours to pull a tooth, second kept me waiting in the waiting room for two hours. Time wasters really annoy me.

The new one sent me off for an xray after the first visit so he could see the extent of what work I’ve already had done, plus see any other underlying problems. This meant I had my first taste of the Italian health service - wow. I got a note/prescription from my GP (who I’ve never seen), then I took this to a clinic who did my xray. I was very impressed by the clinic, great staff, very efficient and professional. Sat in the waiting room I noticed they even had a comments box! Everyone seemed to go in before me, but this can happen. They had a really weird numbering system, so even though I was number 16 it didn’t mean I came anywhere near 15. Molto confusing.

Yesterday I went back to the dentist complete with xray. A mum and daughter team were in the waiting room. They spoke really well of the dentist and said that every one comes out smiling which is a great sign. We talked about my xray and the fact that here the patient keeps the xrays, whereas in the UK/US the dentist keeps them and so private investigators end up using records to crack crimes and identify the criminal. The mother daughter team had seen a few murder-mysteries too many mi sa. I carry my xrays in a massive white envelope.

Looking at the xray with Sig Dentista I was rather disappointed to discover that a tooth I had a root canal filling had been removed. I mean, I knew it had been removed, but didn't realise it was the tooth where I'd had the root canal. All those trips to the dentist and me being brave for a root canal doing and then they took the tooth out!

Anyway, I have to go back but not for too much doing, a small filling and he said he’ll inject some antibiotics as there is a small infection. If he doesn’t bring me to tears I’ll consider it a success.


MB said...

I can tell you why some people go first despite the numbers because it happens to me every time I have to go have blood drawn (which is fairly often now). Priority is given to those over 70 and pregnant women (although I'm sure no pregnant women were getting xrays). All those going ahead of you were probably elderly.

Sorry to hear about your trouble with dentists though and your root canal tooth being pulled. :(

Delina said...

Is that right? So if lots of elderly people come in I'll always be pushed to the end?

mental mosaic said...

I used to work at a dental office and what set us back was people simply being late for their appointments. Very annoying! Not to mention some who would even answer their cell phones and have lengthy chats 'on the clock.'

Glad you found a good dentista. I don't care where you live, it's always a bit nerve-wracking finding a good one.

Leanne said...

Look at you praising the Italian health care (or dentist) system. Good to hear some good news for once!