21 March 2008


Once again I find myself trawling the web in search of the ideal hotel. Destination: Procida. HIGH SEASON. Not for myself but for family who are coming over and will stay on Procida for a while.

This is from one site I came across; Quite funny:

"About rooms:
The hotel possess 20 beds in 10 rooms, 10 bathrooms, 10 showers In this tranquil rooms you can sleep refreshing slumbers There are many beds build in wood slats, in accord with the most modern salutiste rules”


The hotel:
"..is recommended from major papery guides”

“The 4 star hotel is situated in PROCIDA, a marine destination positioned within CAMPANIA Region in NAPOLI Province Hotel located in historical palace”

Eh? This must mean it’s in an historical building as “palace” often gets confused with the Italian “palazzo” meaning building. But of course palace and building are two very different types of dwelling. I imagine person would be quite disappointed if they thought they were going to stay in a palace and found out that wasn’t the case.

"Hotel Contour:
The prices of this hotel generally comprehend the breakfast Hotel comfortable and well equipped for persons needing accurate attention”

Accurate attention like J-Lo, Mariah Carey in their dressing rooms? No green m&ms, etc.

"Hotel services:
The prices of this hotel generally comprehend the breakfast The staff speaks this languages: English French German The hotel accepts credit card as payment Shopping corners in the structure”

Shopping comers. Am none the wiser.

I’ve got a feeling the site committed the terrible crime of using an online language translator.


Piccola said...

When I first saw the heading of this post I thought you were going to tell us that you are pregnant! But yes, I too think they mustr have used an online translator. I tried to use on to impress my b/f but failed miserable because he had no idea what I was trying to say. Those translators are good for like single words, but not for phrases or sentences.

Nadine said...

I guess you can say something got loss in the translation.

Delina said...

Piccola, yes they are really useful just for single words (aka a dictionary), or a few words together but that's about it.

Nadine, you're right, another case of lost in translation :)

Kataroma said...

"papery guides"? That's actually quite poetic.

Why, oh, why don't people seem to realise the value of hiring a native speaker (or at least someone who can speak the language) to translate their website? Surely they can find at least one English native speaker in the Naples area to translate this stuff?

Anonymous said...

I recently saw an advert for language lessons run by our local comune - it was printed in Italian, French and English. Needless to say the English part made no sense whatsoever!