23 March 2008

Buona Pasqua a tutti!

This package came from my parents for Easter. Thank you thank you!

A Green and Black's egg for me and a Dr Who one for OH (don't ask). Plus lots of Walkers cheese and onion. Hoorah!

I miss the choice of Easter eggs. It's pretty much Lindt or Kinder here. Expensive too. No three for a fiver options :)

It's been pouring down since this morning and shows no sign of stopping. Not very nice for an Easter Sunday :(


Leanne said...

Buona Pasqua! How lucky to have some easter eggs from UK. I was shocked how expensive they are here, so much so we have not bought one. They only one that I wanted was 22 euro. In Australia we too have a great, cheap selection but with no prsents inside.

Kataroma said...

Yum. But I'd substitute salt and vinegar chips for the cheese and onion. I've been craving those like crazy in pregnancy and can't get them now that the "Irish" pub down the road seems to have run out. :(

I had no idea that Easter eggs were so expensive here. Maybe we should start making our own eggs and undercutting them. Or would we get in trouble with some kind of Easter Egg mafia?

mental mosaic said...

At least your package made it! I'm still waiting for both my Christmas present, as well as a package full of 'important mail' from the states... :/

I hear ya on the weather. Thunder woke me at 5 a.m. today.

Buona Pasqua!

Delina said...

Leanne, so expensive I know. The UK ones usually only have chocolates inside, but the presents in the ones here are often only like the presents which come out of Christmas crackers.

Kataroma, have you bought all the Irish pub's crisps? :D GS supermarket sells Highlander crisps which do a good cheese and onion, plus tomato and chicken I think. No salt n vinegar though AFAIK.

I thought about making my own eggs this year. But then laziness got the better of me.

Hi Mental. That's such a pain about your packages not turning up. So frustrating.

Jessica_in_Rome said...

ooohhh pretty package! I am long overdue for a care package! Oh how I miss Peeps and Cadbury Cream eggs :( Buona Pasqua to one of my favorite bloggers!

Gil said...

Glad you got your fix for Easter!

nyc/caribbean ragazza said...

Hope you had a very nice Easter (despite the bad weather).

Cherrye said...

Oh no - it rained on Easter? It was beautiful here. It poured on Monday, though.

Great package!

Emmina said...

Easter is NOT THE SAME without Cadbury's!!! My post-easter package should arrive with the parents in April... Can't wait!

Nadine said...

What a welcomed treat from home. I hope you enjoy every single bite.