24 November 2007

New Toy

Meet my new toy, the Ipod Touch.

I got it as a birthday present and it's FAB! Not only can it be used as a music/video player and for connecting to the internet, but if you turn it around it's a mirror too! So you can listen to your favourite music whilst on the move and check that you're presentable at the same time. No more spinach in the teeth moments. Genius.

I'm trying to find entertaining clips from You Tube so that I can load it up with stuff to watch on an upcoming trip. Any suggestions??? Key words to help my search, specific clips, etc. So far I've got a few music vids and quite a lot of Friends clips - some are about 9 mins long, so they're nice to watch.

Look at this one - It's very short.


sognatrice said...

I love that clip! I just watched an episode of Friends, actually.

Nothing is coming to mind as to what to look for. Your favorite shows, I suppose, like it seems you're doing?

Happy iPodding :)

Roam2Rome said...

That mirror is on my Christmas list! I wonder if the US version can be used in Italy, hmm..

I second Sognatrice!

Hehe.. leave it to Phoebe to be so funky and cute :) Nice clip.

Gil said...

If my cats heard that they would hide for a day or two. Have fun.

Nadine said...

Happy Birthday to you. What a great gift. That clip from Friends made me laugh. That show is very funny. I also like Everyone Loves Raymond.

Have a great trip.

Texas Espresso said...

I bought that for my husband for Christmas. I am so excited to give it to him. And so glad you like it. WOOHOOO funn

Delina said...

Texas Espresso. yes he'll love it! It's especially great for anyone who travels a lot.

Eryn said...

haha i thought i was the only one that used the back of my ipods as mirrors....i guess i'm not the only vain ipod owner :-)

we ALWAYS load up on videos on our ipods before big trips. i recommend downloading tv shows from itunes.....they're only $2 each, I'm not sure how much euro...but it must be comparable.

we just started watching the American show "30 Rock" that way.....or The Office

have fun with your new toy!

Alyson said...

My son has the Nano - it has a "mirror" too - he was very amused that you would think that's what it is ;)! Sounds like a great gadget! Can't net surf on the Nano or classic so we miss out on the You Tube downloads. I saw someone with an i-phone in Rome the other day...

Alyson said...

Old post I know - but I got one too! :)

Have you seen you can download Beeb progs now? I put the first episode of "Life on Mars" on as I wanted to know if it was any good - missed it in UK. I've put a couple of books on too. It's fun isn't it?!