2 December 2007

Room at the Inn

Realising that we're into December now, so not too many more shopping days left until Christmas, I headed out to make a start on the Christmas shopping yesterday. Of course, I should have known that a Saturday afternoon in December, in Naples is complete chaos and it was. It was packed! So we just did a little giro then headed back, putting off the Christmas shopping until a quieter time. Hopefully I'll be able to take a day off during the week when it's less busy. Or even better, I'll be able to do it all online, but that only really works for gifts that are going to England. Posta Italiana, dodgy porter and all that.

What we did manage to buy yesterday were the little figures to put in our new presepe. The presepe is a nativity scene which many homes in Naples have at Christmas. Some people really go to town on them with water falls inside, lights etc. For our first presepe we opted for the smallest one so yesterday when looking at the figures to put in it, we went straight for the smallest figures. However, when we got home we realised that Mary and Joseph were going to be dwarfed in the stable. We should have gone for the bigger figures. It's not finished yet, I still need to buy a star to guide the 3 kings, hmmm, but they're already in there. I also want to buy a pig and maybe a hen or something like that. We already got the donkey and cow. OH says they warmed baby Jesus with their breath. Is that true?! I might put a soppalco in there too with all that room. It's like having a doll's house all over again!


beachgrl said...

Your photo really gave me a chuckle! We have very large figurines that worked wonderful when we lived in a larger house and had the room. We now live in a small house and the figurines have been packed away for 7 years. Now I want to go out and find a nice small nativity and you just gave me the jump start.
Merry Christmas from Connecticut!

Roam2Rome said...

Uh, shopping during the week-ends is intimidating! :)

Nativity scenes are so sweet and meaningful!

There's oooone little corner in my place left, and maybe I can put up a Nativity scene, as well!

pat said...

How come you didn't get any of the fun figurines like a pizzaiola or the chestnut man? That's the fun stuff in Naples.

Jeff Gromen said...

Oh man they had some big ones for sale in Brindisi this weekend. I was sooo tempted. I would put a big clear plastic case over it and have it out all year!

Delina said...

beachgrl, apparently you're supposed to keep the same figures and dust them down each year.

R2R, get yourself a nativity scene!

Pat, I haven't finished yet remember :) I'll post a photo nearer to Christmas.

Jeff :D Have a go at doing one yourself!

J.Doe said...

As a non-Christian I never had a nativity scene in my house nor do I want one now, but I did like the nativity scene in Italy with the waterfalls, pizzaioli and other assorted people. You have room in yours for a lot of fun characters.

Gil said...

What's up? It looks like the Kings got there without the star!!! Looks like you are off to a good start with your first Nativity scene.

Alex said...

Looks like you may want to build them a little loft area. As for the breath keeping the baby warm -well judging by the way barn animals are it wasn't coming just from the mouth!

I think it would be sweet if you made them a star. If I were you I wouldn't dare go out on a weekend again it seems like over the years it has gotten too crazy in the stores.

Delina said...

Alex, I agree, a loft area is definitely the way to go.