21 November 2007

Let's talk about shopping again.

This evening I went to Ikea in order to avoid the nightmare that is the weekend Ikea experience. Look at these photos:

No one in there! Woo hoo! Ikea without people is just great. We needed to buy light bulbs as the kitchen one has completely gone whilst the bedroom light was too dull - in OH's opinion. He likes football stadium lighting/hospital lighting, whereas I like a more subdued ambiance. We made a compromise of floodlighting in the kitchen, slightly dimmer in the bedroom and even softer lighting in the living room. It's all about compromise.

I also picked some Christmas tree baubles up. It's hard to remember what I've got in the way of Christmas decorations until I get them down but I thought I'd buy a few new bits anyway. I love the run up to Christmas. It's funny how Christmas starts at different times in different countries. In England they're fully into the swing of Christmas shopping, shops are decorated, the street lights have been turned on, etc. Whereas here we're just starting to festive up. People are just beginning to think about Christmas shopping whilst I know people boasting about having already finished it in the UK. Mum has even ordered the turkey!


pat said...

First, let me thank you for responding to me some months ago and advising me on the blogger service to use. Thank you again and apologies for my tardiness. You're a real sweetheart.

Second, when you sit around the Neapolitan table on Christmas Eve eating baccala and capitone do you make the in-laws wear those colored paper hats from the Christmas crackers? If they don't I think they should...it's all about cultural sharing.

nyc/caribbean ragazza said...

I was telling an L.A. blogger how nice it is to be in Italy this week and miss the day after Thanksgiving insanity. Before I arrived on Monday, there were TV commericals 24 hours talking about all the sales starting at 4:00 a.m. Friday.

I have seen maybe two Christmas ads and stores here (in Venice) are just starting to put up some decorations. In L.A. some went up right after Halloween!

Delina said...

You're Welcome Pat!

Even though I've been here for years (stopped counting how many ormai), I've actually never been here for Christmas. I will definitely make sure that OH (napoletano) wears his cracker hat this year in England.

They don't have crackers here so consequently the cracker hat trend hasn't caught on. They don't know what they're missing. :)

Delina said...

NYC what happens the day after Thanksgiving? Enjoy Venice!

In England too, straight after Halloween the Christmas stuff goes out.

Gil said...

I will definitely make sure that OH (napoletano) wears his cracker hat this year in England.

What's a cracker hat? I hope you post a picture.

KC said...

Wow, I really have to persuade N that we need to shop at Ikea evenings. Our weekend ora della pappa strategy is just not working anymore. Too many other people have figured it out, and besides it was never a great idea anyway at Ikea because they have a restaurant.

Last time we went we bought some Christmas ornaments too.

sognatrice said...

Oh you people complaining about crowded IKEA...think of those of us who don't even have one!!!!

I'm with you on the run up to Christmas. I *love* when they break out all the new decorations and whatnot, but I'm so happy that they're just starting to come out now and not a month ago.

Ah, in America, the day after Thanksgiving is "Black Friday" in which stores open extra early (think 5 am) and have AMAZING sales throughout the morning. It's traditionally when a lot of Christmas shopping is done b/c the prices are so good...but you can get stampeded. That's the downside ;)

pat said...

I still can't believe that they have an Ikea in Naples...it blows me away. The world is becoming truly global...the differences are very rapidly disappearing.

Max said...

Pat... yeah its true. I still can't believe that Ikea is in Italy: http://www.ikea.com/ms/it_IT/ikny_splash.html

Very strange eh.

Delina said...

Gil, by a cracker hat I mean one of the paper hats you get out of a Christmas cracker.

KC, "ora della pappa strategy" ahaha. Too many people go there for a whole day which has an effect on the pappa strategy. Our strategy is to go as soon as it opens, or on the late night trip. Evenings are quiet, but don't go on an evening if you need to ask the staff any questions as you just won't get an answer - seems the staff clock off at 8 even though the shop shuts at 9 LOL.

Sogna, maybe Ikea will hit your area soon... The day after Thanksgiving sounds great for doing your Christmas shopping! ...Crowds permitting.

Pat, it's true, the differences are definitely reducing from place to place.

Delina said...

Max, yes there are quite a few Ikeas in Italy now. Hoorah! ... Still not one down as far as Sogna though :(

MB said...

We have no Ikea near us but are headed to the one in Rome on a bus trip tomorrow. (Are we crazy or what?!) I keep thinking about what the stores would be like on the Saturday after Thanksgiving in the States (crazy) and I'm hoping it's not like that tomorrow. It will be my first Christmas in Italy and I want to get some ornaments for our tree (I left all mine back home).

Delina said...

MB, Ikea+Rome(or anywhere really)+Saturday=very busy :) but you should enjoy it anyway. They've got some nice Christmas decorations. Get some ideas from their website before hand.

Anne in Oxfordshire said...

We visit Ikea a lot over here in England, we go to the one in Wembley...I can tell you that everyone is packed, no matter what time you go!!

I agree with Sognatrice...in England it all starts far too early and then by the time its nearly here, we are fed up with it all. I love the shops in Europe over the christmas season. Very festive. I was lucky enough to be in Lake Como for a few weeks in November so did some christmas shopping in Como itself.