13 July 2007

Mezzo metro di margherita alle otto per favore.

I've been a bit quiet in the blog world lately, I've been in a pensive state, which sometimes inspires me to blog and sometimes puts me off blogging. Maybe I'll write more about my pensive period soon.

Anyway, just wanted to tell you that we just called the pizza place and for the first time the pizza person knew immediately who we were, what we wanted and even at what time! :D What does this mean? Do we eat too much pizza? Are we too predictable? Anyway, whatever, it's Friday and I can't be bothered to cook so pizza it is!

I think they know it's us due to the time we call. We ring really early becasue if you don't then the pizza will turn up about 11pm and consequently I'll be in a bad mood :S


Giulia said...

I go through blogging spurts. Sometimes it seems as if I have abandoned my blog, and other times, I can't shut up! lol So, it's ok, I understand.
As for the pizza thing, I think that's cool. It means you have become 'regulars!' And yeah, if you don't order by a certain time, it will be VERY LATE before you are eating that pizza. UGH

Delina said...

That sounds like my blogging way Giulia.

Ambra Celeste said...

Us too! I mean we order pizza almost every friday night! And we order early too. What a coincidence. Although since you live in Napoli I am sure your pizza is better than ours!

J.Doe said...

Naples pizza is the best. I'd probably order it more times a week though.

Delina said...

Sometimes when I eat the pizza here I think "I could eat this for breakfast lunch and dinner!" but I tend to keep it to about once a week.