24 July 2007


I’m considering getting myself a little city car. Reasons are, I work long hours and would rather not spend three hours a day travelling when it would only take me on average half an hour by car. Sometimes I work late and would like to be able to leave on my own without having to arrange a lift. It’s unbearable getting Metronapoli and the bus when it’s hot, it’s not always hot, I know, but when it is it’s baking! I would like to go to Ikea on my own without having to put OH through it who gets (understandably) bored. He only likes to shop if he has to buy something whereas I like to browse. If I’m an independent Delina then in time we could move house too – ie move out of the city to somewhere where it doesn’t cost 300,000 euro for a house no bigger than a workman's tent.

Do you think it's a good idea too?

So on Saturday we went for round one of car shopping. This first round was really just to get an idea of what’s on offer and where. We went to Agnano where there are quite a few car dealers and went into the first big car dealer park we got to. Now, if you’ve been shopping in Italy, you’ll know that as soon as you get through the door the shop assistant will shout “Prego!”, so I thought that going for a car would be even worse, but no, we walked around looking at all the cars and not a person came up to us. Interesting. I thought “I’m here to buy a car, isn’t someone going to come and pressure me into buying something unsuitable?” But nothing. I noticed they don’t display the prices either. In England they at least put a price up which you then try to talk the dealer down on - and the dealer knows it.

Hopefully I'll find a suitable car soon.

Ps. I'm going to England for a few days to cool off. Back soon.


Caroline in Rome said...

For Rome, I would definitely get a SMART.

Giulia said...

Yeah, I would go with one of those smart cars. I'm not sure what price range they fall into, but size wise, it would be the way to go. This is like the 87th time you've gone to England since I started reading your blog! LOL
Have fun. :)

sognatrice said...

Ooh fun! I think it's a great idea!

Best of luck--I know nothing about this, sorry :(

Annika said...

It's definitely a good idea, although I suppose that driving in Naples takes some getting used to... the taxi ride that took us from the docks to the train station was.. special, to say the least :)

Nadine said...

I hope it all works for you. Sounds like a very smart idea.

Kataroma said...

You are a brave woman driving in Naples!

Delina said...

I thought about a Smart but I've read some not so good things about them. For example they have quite a short life span and upkeep is expensive because they are Mercedes. The search continues.

I must be brave or a tad mad to drive here, I know, but as I say one reason is so that we can move out of the city. I don't intend to be doing too much central city driving with my arms in the air and hand permanently on the horn :S

avery said...

Yes! I think it's a great idea to buy a car. I don't know about Naples parking but I assume it's got to be as bad as Rome and in that case I might agree with getting a smart. Or what about the new alfa romeo? It doesn't cost too much and is pretty efficient parking wise. Anyhow, good luck!