29 July 2007


I've just read about a 108 year old lady in England who has been put on an 18 month NHS waiting list for an hearing aid. Honestly, can't they hurry things along in certain circumstances? She has four children, but only one is alive and he's 80. I hope that I get to 108 years old. Brava a lei.


Giulia said...

:::Imagining myself at 108 years old:::

Oh wow, what a thought!
A. Hundred. And. Eight years old.
But yeah, to put her on a waiting list is kinda funny. lol

Welcome back, Delina. Hope you trip was a pleasant one. :)

KC said...

18 mo. wait for a hearing aid? That sounds worse than Italy!

nyc/caribbean ragazza said...

wow. my maternal grandmother lived to 100 yet 108 seems so much older. :)

Delina said...

Hi Giulia. England was only a quick trip, but at least I got to stock up on Doritos :)

KC, in certain places in England, particularly inner cities waiting times can be long.

NYC, you've got good genes then :)