30 April 2008


I'm back. We got a taxi to the airport in England, and back from the airport in Naples. The taxi driver tried to rip us off both there and here. There's something kind of homely about that. In England the pre-paid taxi driver said he hadn't been paid when he obviously had been, whilst the Napoletano taxi driver did the usual trick of charging us something like 17.10 and not having the change for a twenty. Same old same old. Much to his disappointment I got my reserve change purse out and gave him the exact money. Teach him. Taxi driver this side didn't wear a seat belt and reeked too.

I'm molto annoyed that I left my bacon and sausage import in the hotel before leaving. We stayed in a hotel the last night you see, and I put my packets of bacon and sausage in a cool bag on the window ledge so they'd keep cool. And that's where they stayed. Boo hoo.


Gil said...

That is as bad as forgetting to buy another bottle of limoncello before leaving Naples. A good excuse for another trip to England or for your Mum to come visit!

Alyson said...

Which sausages? Or is it too upsetting to talk about?! I get on with the bacon from Esselunga, it's Danish streaky which I like crisp! Something for your next trip to Florence, maybe?

joe@italyville.com said...

Oh, taxi drivers. No change? I guess you don't get paid.

Delina said...

Gil, very true, I'm already planning where I can get my next supplies from :)

Alyson, I picked them up really quickly - one pack was definitely classic pork, the other I think Lincolnshire. It's all too upsetting to think about. There's no Esselunga down here. A Florence trip is definitely required.

Joe, taxi drivers here have improved in recent months, but there are still a few to keep you on your toes.

Eryn said...

we were JUST in naples and the same thing happened with the taxi driver trying to rip us off. the meter said we owed 26.24......so of course we gave him $30 which he insisted he didn't give us change for because he charges 3 euro for helping with luggage.

he was an old man too that wasn't even able to lift the bags, we were sooo annoyed, even though it was only 3 euro!

Link said...

Is it customary to give a tip to taxi drivers in the UK and Italy? Here in the US a taxi driver asked me to give some tip. Hmmm.