13 May 2007

Oh. My. God.

I was watching re-runs of an old Friends series this morning when it hit me that Janice and Amy Winehouse are one and the same person. Oh. My. God!

Janice/Amy: They tried to make me go to rehab. I said no no no.

Janice/Amy: Where's my sweet Bing-a-ling? I said no no no.

It's Mother's Day en Italie oggi, plus in America, NZ and probably elsewhere too. We Brits celebrated it in March, I wonder why we celebrate it on a different day.

Yesterday, I said to the OH "What can we get for your mum for Mother's Day?" She is a good cook and enjoys cooking so I said (answering my own question) "what about something kitcheny like a nice serving dish?"

OH: "Yes, something for the kitchen, what about one of those things we've got where you put the lettuce in and spin it around"

Me: "A salad spinner you mean?"

OH: "Yes, one of those"

Me: "You want to give her a salad spinner for Mother's Day?!"

Is it just me, or do you agree that you can't give a salad spinner as a gift? I suppose it makes a change from the usual chocs and flowers. What we decided to get in the end was still a practical gift, a new mobile phone.

I just heard that Ilary Blasi (as in Totti's wife) gave birth early this morning. On Mother's Day - good timing Ilary. It's a girl.


Kataroma said...

My God! You're right! Now that you mention it - they are the same person. Amy is just a few kilos lighter with a few more tattoos!

Cherrye said...

Wait! They ARE the same person or they LOOK like the same person?? My world is upside down until I find out!

BTW, I think the salad spinner idea was hilarious, but she probably will appreciate the new phone a bit more.

Giulia said...

I have ni idea who Amy Winehouse is, so I can't make the connection. I just wanted to say though, that last night I saw the Friends episode where Rachel goes into labor with Emma, and it ended with Janice coming in and joining Rachel in the laboring room. When Janice gets one of her contractions and starts "ehh ehhh ehhhh"-ing it is sooooooo flippin funny!

Salad spinner as a present? Hmmm, I would only give something like that if the receiver specifically asked for it. lol

Delina said...

Glad you agree Kataroma and Cherrye.

Giulia, Amy Winehouse is a singer and bit of a socialite. I could watch Friends over and over again, it cracks me up every time. They show it quite a bit on Sky.

Rebecca said...

A friend of mine recieved a broom and dustpan from her husband on her birthday one year....I am surprised, but they are still married. She - naturally - was quite hurt! So yes, I do think that giving a salad spinner for Mother's Day is a tad chav. As for British people celebrating things on different days of the year from everyone else? Well....that is part of being British...."WE" are not like the rest of the world...Good Lord!!!

Elle said...

What a brilliant observation re Winehouse/Janice!

RE The Salad spinner, sure you can give her one, just expect a hideous flannel nightgown for your birthday or something!

nyc/caribbean ragazza said...

Not a fan of Friends (more of a Seinfeld person) but you are so right. They really look a like. haha

JennDZ said...

Honestly I would love a salad spinner as a present. But I am REALLY inot cooking and food, so I am sure this advice does not apply for everyone.