17 April 2007


Last weekend we had a family gathering in Florence. Yay! My family came over earlier on in the week, whilst my OH and I met them on Friday. It was much warmer up north compared to the south. I thought it was supposed to be down here where the heat was. I must say though it was the same when I went on my last flying visit to Florence which was in July. It was baking then too.

We walked and walked around Florence. There were so many tourists! The Florentines know how to get the tourists in much better than they do in Naples I must say. On various occasions I had to ask myself where the Italians were…!? Notice the tourists packed on Ponte Vecchio below. Our hotel was not far from there.

On Saturday we went to Siena. Siena is definitely one of my favourite places in Italy. It’s not too big, not too loud and so near to the rolling Chianti hills. Very nice.

The first evening in Florence we ate in a great trattoria called something like Trattoria Roberto. Tourist free, well, that was except for us :) and the menu wasn’t translated either. Definitely my kind of place. The best dish that evening was ordered by my OH and was steak with funghi porcini sauce.

The following night we tried a different place which wasn’t quite as good IMO. There were too many tourists this time, we were rushed out and they didn’t give us proper wine glasses either :(. Gasp!


Michellanea said...

I love Florence. Nice pics but where are you? I truly hate posting pis of myself but somehow I keep ending up on my blog in photo and video form. :)

Delina said...

Michelle, I'm behiiiind the camera! Someone has to take the arty photos :D

JennDZ said...

Hi Delina!

Thanks for stopping by my blog!
Nice blog you have over here as well!
I really want to go to Siena. I just read a book about it and it has really whet my appetite!

Shirley said...

I agree with you about Sienna.It is definately one of my favourite places and not too crowded,at least not when we were there.

Michellanea said...

I'd use that excuse but I'm camera "negata." I can take neither arty photos nor normal photos. I can barely take my own photo from inside those booths for taking driver's-license-style photos. Get out there in front of the camera one of these days!

Delina said...

Michelle, ci penserĂ² :)

alyson said...

And it just keeps on getting hotter here!!

I have every intention of getting down to Naples and adding to the tourists there when I can :)

Giulia said...

What beautiful photos, Delina! I'd like to make my way up to Firenze eventually. How strange that it was warmer up north?! Oh well, nowadays the weather seems to be reversing all over the world. Places that used to be colder are now hotter and visa versa!

nyc/caribbean ragazza said...

Siena is def. one of my favorite places in Italy.

The art in Florence is incredible as is the architecture but I couldn't wait to leave Florence and get back to Rome last year. During the day it was so packed with tourists you couldn't move. Seriously. I have never seen streets that crowded and I used to live in NYC. I also wondered where the Italians where.

I was there during the first week in May, I can't imagine what Florence is like during the high season june/sept/oct.

belle foto!

Delina said...

Very true nyc/caribbean ragazza - so busy.

Giulia and Alyson, the weather has gone mad, it's true. To be honest though, I know that it will be scorching before long here so I'm not complaining!

KC said...

I love the shot of the Palazzo Pubblico courtyard!