18 March 2007

Happy Mother's Day

It's Mother's Day today in England. I'm not sure which other countries celebrate Mother's Day today - if any, I know that Italy and the US don't.

So this post is to say happy Mother's Day to my dear lovely perfect Mum. My parents don't read my blog on a regular basis as they're not online unfortunately - maybe some day...For now they just read when they can, which is normally when they visit friends or relatives. We talk lots on the phone, but having a computer makes it so much easier to keep in touch. GET ONLINE! :)

Mum loves Italy and just the other day she was saying that one day in the future they'll sell their house in England and buy a house on Procida. Procida is the one of the three islands off Naples – the others being Ischia and Capri. Procida is one of their favourite places in Italy. Last October we got the boat over and spent a day on the beach. It was a perfect beautiful day because the peak season had passed, so just a few people were on the beach and it wasn't too hot. It was so peaceful and relaxing. I'm not sure if they would really move to Procida, especially as my Dad is very attached to home. But maybe they could have a second holiday home there, or do as the very fortunate Italians do and rent a place for 3 months in the summer. That would be fantastic!

Happy Mother's Day!

Procida 2006


OH said...

Tanti auguri a "mamma" anche da parte mia!!!!

rompipalle said...

Of course there's a Mother's Day in the US! How would the Hallmark greeting card company stay in business otherwise? This year it falls on May 13th. And Italy appears to have its Mother's Day on May 8th. So now you have to wish your mother happy mother's day two more times this year and every year you live in Italy and have annoying expat American bloggers telling you to do so.

Delina said...

Hi Rompipalle, I know that the US and Italy have their Mother's days too, I just wasn't sure when they fell.

Cherrye said...

Isn't that interesting that England's mothers day was the day before Italy's fathers day? Well, auguries to all...

sandi @ the whistlestop cafe said...

I found you through Slow Travel... you have a great blog and I will pop in again.
I was just in London a few weeks ago. Does that qualify me for two mother's days? With college age kids I'll be lucky that they remember even one.
bugalu to you!

Chiara said...

Hi, Chia of Bologna from expattalk here.

I suggest your mother to buy the English version (it exists, e.g. at Random's)) of "L'Isola di arturo" by Elsa Morante. Great story set in Procida. One of the most beautiful books I've ever read. The title in english should be Arturo's Island or something like this.

Buona Lettura.

Delina said...

Sandi, mother's should have as many "Mother's Days" as possible, so celebrate away!

Chiara, that sounds like a great book for both me and my Mum; I'll look out for it.