16 March 2007


This morning I got to the pedestrian crossing, the little man was green so it was safe to cross. Ok, it should have been safe to cross.

Two old ladies started to cross the road but the cars weren’t stopping. One car did stop, and as it did one of the women put her arms in the air and angrily shouted to the stopped driver “Can’t you see it’s red??!!” The man shouted back out of his car window “Yes, but don’t take it out on the only driver who stopped!”.

It made me smile. Poor man, he did the right thing by stopping, and he still got shouted at.

Sometimes you’re damned if you do and you’re damned if you don’t.


Giulia said...

Oh man, those poor old ladies. Their hearts must have sunken into their tummies! And of course, the good guy gets the bad rap! UGH
I am always stopping to let people cross, especially when they are at a crosswalk. I am waiting for the day when some impatient ass gets on my case for letting a pedestrian cross. I will go crazy on them! lol

rompipalle said...

The other day, I had the green light at Piazzetta Cariati, but the cars were not stopping (they weren't even slowing down). I edged La Bimba into the road and a taxi driver across the way shouted, "Piano piano, signora!" I said, "Ma loro hanno il rosso," and you know what he said in response? "Abbia un po' di pazienza, signora."

Sometimes living in Naples is like living in a snowglobe that someone turned on its head: upside down but with a window onto the outside world, i.e. reality.

That is an awful simile. My apologies.

Michellanea said...

It's the land of the furbo. The nice guy finishes last, unfortunately!

I think it may be a little better in Milan in terms of motorists stopping at pedestrian crosswalks but not by much.

Cherrye said...

You have crosswalks??? It really does get better the more north ya go!