28 February 2007

Perchè Sanremo è _(fill in the blank)_.

If you are in Italy, you might be aware that last night was the opening night of Sanremo (you might also not care) Anyway, for those not in the know, it's an annual Italian music festival (but not festival in the Glastonbury sense).

There are a few good acts on, I heard that the Scissor Sisters were there last night. But if you think that it lasts a full week, around three hours each evening, you have to sit through quite a few other acts in order to see the good bits. Suffice to say I didn't make it to the Scissor Sisters last night.

The hosts this year were Pippo Baudo - think he's well respected on Italian tv, well he's on a lot anyway - think an Italian Terry Wogan. Funnily enough, the Eurovison song contest was the child of Sanremo. Now you're probably getting a better idea of what it's like.

Helping Pippo along with the presenting there was Michelle Hunziker. You know when someone just grates on you? I think the main reason I have a problem with her is that she smiles and laughs ALL the time. I hope that doesn't sound too miserable of me, but I find it annoying when people smile always - it kind of takes the impact away of a genuine smile or laugh. Last night she was sporting a bacofoil/Christmas cracker style dress topped off with an Ivana Trump 'do. Looked like she was going for the elegante look...Not sure what the armband tattoo had to do with that. I'll stop now. Basta.

It is good for a laugh anyway. I caught one act, a duet of which the name escapes me, one bloke (=man) looked like a Blues Brother, whilst the other like a Wham reject. Both completed their looks with permatans.

In fairness, I should add that a few big names started at Sanremo, for example Elisa, Eros Ramazzotti (ex ? of aforementioned Michelle) and Laura Pausini.

NB The title of this post refers to the catch phrase of the festival "Perchè Sanremo è Sanremo".


Tracie B. said...

why is this festival sooo overrated? they are OB.SESSED. with it. i actually watched it last night (but just the first 10 hours). the audience is terribly small and did you see the doreme in the hiphop style act? ew. she was lip syncing! how can you lip sync at such a "respected" festival? it all seemed so cheap.

i think michelle is very cute, but you are asb right, that it seems too insincere after a while.

in somma, there's is nothing that is covered SO much that i could care SO MUCH LESS about than the winter olympics.

Delina said...

I didn't get as far as the hip hop stylee act. I phased out well before that.

Ambra Celeste said...

I didn't see much of the show last night, but while I was ironing a shirt I saw Michelle start blathering and crying and I made a little face. My 11 year old son saw me, and he said "You don't like her, do you Ma?" I had to say, "I don't know who she is, but yes, she seems to be getting on my nerves". He kindly changed the channel. I am happy to hear that I am not the only one that feels this way about her, or about the whoop de doo festival!

Giulia said...

I forgot to tune in. Looks like I didn't miss much. Actually sounds like I saved myself from the agony! lol

Michellanea said...

I can understand wanting to celebrate Italian music but this festival is so hokey. It reminds me of those Jerry Lewis telethons from the 1970s and 1980s (Delina, not being an American you probably don't know what these were but they featured variety acts - at least the point was to raise money for charity!) - that's how bad the production values are. And they spend SOOOO much time in the newspapers talking about what the hosts earned (so glad I don't pay the canone RAI...) - they say Michelle earned a cool million. I can take her or leave her. She does grate on my nerves but at least she's not a dancing velina.

Laurie said...

Michelle Hunziker drives me CRAZY -- don't know why either but totally GRATES!! It's the smiling and all that fako hand gesturing stuff....ick.....glad to hear I am not alone.

Shelley - At Home in Rome said...

This is funny. I think I tried watching San Remo the first year I was here, about 6 years ago, in order to soak up some Italian culture, but I couldn't bear it. It was too much like Buona Domenica, just 300 times longer. I'm not a good judge though because I pretty much loathe Italian TV in its entirety. Although I do recognize some famous singers got their start at San Remo. But maybe they would have launched eventually even without it, just on talent alone.

As far as LA OOONSSSEEKER goes, well, I'm with Michellanea, at least she's got that booty covered. She's probably the only woman I've ever seen on Italian TV that wasn't half-nekkid on a regular basis.

Delina said...

Yeah, I should be positive, it could be worse - La Hunziker could be parading in a bikini like (most of) the other women on tv here.

Giulia, don't worry, it's on for another thousand LONG hours, so you still have time to tune it!

max said...

...perchè... sanremo è sanremo!!! Ho vinto qualcosa??

Giulia said...

"Giulia, don't worry, it's on for another thousand LONG hours, so you still have time to tune it!"

I honestly don't know if I want to, now. I think I'd rather watch a repeat on Sky. :)