26 February 2007

It's (kind of) snowing!

Following my last post about a near silent Naples, I have to add yet another miracle occurrence in Napoli: Snow! Well ok, not really, the truth is there was an hailstorm this evening, but it kind of looks like snow! Hoorah!

Unfortunately it never snows here, :( so this is the best I'll ever get (here).

Photos from this evening.


Becslifeonline said...

That must have been one hell of a hail storm! It really looks like a light covering of snow :-) Enjoy it while it lasts cos no doubt it will be a pile of slush soon ha ha.

Delina said...

Well it went almost as quickly as it came! Oh well, it was nice for a while.

Giulia said...

Oh man, I've seen hail back home but not like I've seen it here! I remember when we first moved here, about a week later, we had this HUGE hail storm. I was terrified! I don't do well during any type of storm. I always think the worst. Did it seem like the drivers were being cautious? Somehow, I can't picture the Napoletans slowing down because of the weather. The top photo looks like the cars were just whiping through.

nikinpos said...

Aah, so it was hail! I could hear that it was coming down really fast and louder than usual but I thought it was just rain!

Delina said...

Giulia, the cars did slow down yes - believe me :)
The top photo just came out that way.