29 January 2007

Shopping successes

I ventured out into the sales yesterday. Benetton boasts 70% off in the window, but when you get in there it's only 70% off on pre-mamman e bimbi, so not much use to me. Zara however got full marks from me in the sale. I got two pairs of trousers and a skirt, all at only E9.95 each - bargain! Part of me thought I *really* don't need any more trousers, but another part of me (the stronger part) thought "BUY BUY BUY!"

I also snapped up two terracotta bowls which I'd had my eye on for a while (see below). They should be good for oven dishes like pasta al forno or maybe bean soup. The shop assistant explained to me that I have to first soak them in tepid water for 12 hours, then before I first put them into the oven I need to rub garlic on the bottom of each one. At this point I started to wonder if she was having a laugh or not. I was tempted to say "Do I have to run round with one on my head too?" But I feared the joke might be lost in translation.

She took ages explaining what I had to do with them too, making it all the more complicated and hard to follow, I'm sure she could have simplified it a bit. Plus when I got them home I saw that it told you about the soaking bit on the label - nothing about the garlic though...I really can't think what the point of that is.


J.Doe said...

Ha Ha about the terracotta bowls. The stronger part that says "BUY" always wins with me too.

Giulia said...

The garlic part is probably a tip from her to embed the flavor into the bowl so that you don't have to add it to every dish! lol
I didn't know you had to soak them. I thought you had to rub them with oil and then bake them...oh wait, that's what you do with cast iron, I think. Oh, I'm so confused! Enjoy you new purchases!

Delina said...

I'm confused too Giulia.. You don't get any of this with bowls bought from Ikea. Hahaha

Anonymous said...

Is there a Zara in Naples? Where is it? I've never found it, maybe it's new? Pleeeeease tell me where, and then I shall be eternally grateful!
nicki in Pos. (blogger won't let me leave non anonymous comments today.)

Delina said...

Nicki, Zara's been open for a few months now. It on Via Scarlatti (Vomero area). The sales are on! :)

nikinpos said...

Can I just add....I saw on Annikas blog that you were planning to go down the Amalfi Coast. If you do, please let me know, I'd love to meet you!