30 January 2007

Bad Blogger (not me)

I’m getting a bit frustrated with Blogger today. Everytime I go to a Blogspot blog and scroll down a little the whole page blocks. Non c’e la faccio piùùùùùùùù! Behave will you crazy Blogger, I need to catch up!

Perhaps later it will calm down. Speriamo.


Jeff said...

I'm getting some strange errors too. Not exactly what you have but there is something wrong with their system.


Giulia said...

Is it just me, or do you guys have to type the word verification
twice before it accepts your comment? I have noticed this for a while though... not just today.

Delina said...

Giulia, I've found out that there's a time limit on the verification. So you have to be quick!

I, like you, often end up having to type it twice :(