25 January 2007

The dentist - part1

After trying to get in touch with the dentist for two days I’ve finally made an appointment. Success! It’s a new dentist (to me), recommended by a friend. She only seems to work a few hours a day (lucky so and so), hence the feeling of triumph at landing the appointment.

I’m slightly anxious about going now…. scary stuff....

She was rushed on the phone so I forgot to ask for some indication of the price - mistake-a-to-make-a here, but I’m hoping not to be ripped off too badly due to the friend connection.. It’s all about connections.


Gil said...

Good luck with this and keep your head up as maintaining good health in your mouth is very important.

Shelley - At Home in Rome said...

Good luck! I just got my teeth cleaned yesterday. I used to always do it when I would go back to the States to visit, but after 5 years it was time to commit. Word of mouth recommendations are VERY important with dentists here. I've heard some hack-job horror stories.

One thing I've always found strange: often times for a cleaning they'll make you come in twice. No idea why. And often the dentist won't even look in your mouth if the hygenist doesn't see any probs. But if I feel I need to, I insist on this. Seems too weird that the actual dentist wouldn't take a look?