24 January 2007

Crazy weather times

Last night the wind got scarily strong here and so everyone started bringing in their things from out on the balcony to make sure that nothing would get blown away, whilst inside the house you could hear the wind whistling around the windows. During the night I got woken up by the wind and rain and this morning there were hailstones near the windscreen wipers on the car which must have fallen during the night. Today it’s still windy and dull, though not quite as bad as yesterday.

At about 22:00 yesterday I got a text message from my mum saying that it had just started snowing in England. It’s special when it starts to snow there because England doesn’t get all that much snow these days, so people get excited when the snow does arrive... Though this is normally soon followed by “widespread disruption” to roads and public transport - even if it's just a few centimetres.

I remember as a kid going sledging and building snowmen, but it’s not so common to have so much snow anymore. I miss never having snow. Apparently it’s going to get cold here soon, but I’ve been hearing this for a while now and it never seems to come true. It won't be snow-level cold but still I look forward to it. I like getting wrapped up warm when it's cold out, but this year I've barely had chance to even wear a woolly scarf.

I realise I’m in the wrong place for cold and snow, I know :)


Jeff Gromen said...

I think I saw snow on Vesuvious! You could go sledding there.


Delina said...

Yes, this morning there was snow on vesuvius. Time to dust that sledge down!