9 December 2006

The Vet

We had to take Lills to the vet today for a vaccination. It's called “trivalente” in Italian, I'm not sure of the name in English but it protects against 3 things including cat flu/herpes.
We felt confident about getting into her carrier today.....HOW WRONG WE WERE! She put up with a few attempts of us picking her up and trying to get her into the carrier, but then she decided “enough of this game” and went into hiding.

With this OH contacted the vet and said we can't do it. So the (very good) vet came up himself. Lilly ran like the wind! She got under the tv unit, so we coaxed her out using the hoover, then she ran into the hall way where she was cornered. Here she HISSED like I'd never heard before and her fur puffed up, she even jumped up. The vet is fearless though - luckily. Next she headed under the sofa, and got into the lining of the sofa, we managed to ply her out of there and into the cage. It was quite traumatising both for her and us I think!

At the vets she purred away, seemingly content, then we brought her back home and now she's gone into hiding again. Not been seen for about 4 hours. I'm not as worried as I was when we first got her and she hid, probably because I'm sure she'll come out eventually. OH is more frustrated because he'd really made an effort to befriend her and it could be that we're back to the beginning now :(

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