21 December 2006

Christmas Lights

I love the run up to Christmas as much as Christmas itself. I love the lights and decorations everywhere and general Christmas cheer :) .

One thing I haven’t seen much of here are houses covered in lights! You know, National Lampoons Christmas style.

Reasons I pose for this lack of illumination are that near me there aren’t any houses – good reason – there are only apartments, but still, they could put some lights up, maybe the flickering/flashing/glare could be annoying for the neighbouring apartments though. mmmm.
Secondly, the electricity costs are sky high here (in comparison to pay), so that might put people off too. I always think of the electricity meter going round on those houses covered in lights.

I miss Christmas lights on houses - both the tastefully done ones and the less tasteful competition-winners with illuminated inflatable Santas and the like.


Max said...

Ciao, in effetti l'alta concentrazione di case non permetterebbe, ad ogni appartamento, una illuminazione come quella della foto: immagini grandi città come Milano, Roma, Firenze, con tutti gli appartamenti addobbati in quel modo?! Potrebbero illuminare tutta l'Africa, gratis per i prossimi 20 anni... (mentre, spesso, quelle che vediamo sono poche realtà isolate, come la villetta nella foto)

Shelley - At Home in Rome said...

I've always thought this too... kind of miss the Clark Griswold excessiveness... it just doesn't feel like Christmas to me without ridiculous inflated reindeer and houses nearly causing city-wide blackouts!