19 December 2006

Booking flights online

Not wanting to sound loopy, but before flying I always get worried that I haven’t booked my ticket properly. It’s so easy to book plane tickets online now, with just a few clicks, so this makes me worry that I’ve booked too quickly and done something wrong…like booking for the wrong date etc. The fact that I have no ticket either, just an email, doesn’t help to reassure me.

Last year, a few hours before leaving for Christmas, I decided to double check my booking and I realised that I’d booked myself Naples to London on the 22st and Naples to London again on the 27th – leaving me without a return ticket. Oops! Fortunately after I got over the feeling of dread I was able to amend the booking fairly easily and without costing me an obscene amount despite it being a busy time for travelling.

Taught me not to book in such an hurry :D


sognatrice said...

I'm constantly rechecking my tickets too--especially when I'm coming to Italy from America because there are two days involved. And also especially when I make them online. You're either not alone or we're loopy together :)

Elle said...

Everything is so simple these days that I panic too. I check and double check AND triple check every single thing I do - when booking. What should be a 5 minute process (for most people) takes me 30!!

My other half has once mispelt my entire name before whilst booking online!

We're deffo all loopy together!