10 August 2008

Waiting for a star to fall

Love that 80's song! The tenth of August is San Lorenzo, the night when you watch for a falling star and make a wish. The sky is clear blue today so it should be a good night for star gazing.

Naples is bliss just now with everyone "a mare" and the others "in montagna". Why any person living in Naples would voluntarily go on holiday in August and leave the city will remain a mystery to me. It's so quiet, so nice, it feels almost like I live somewhere normal. If only every month were like this.


Gil said...

I hope you were able to see a falling star. I won't see any as dear old New England has been just as rainy as its namesake!!!

Since Naples is so empty, is it possible to walk across a normally busy street at a leisurely pace?

Shirley said...

I can remember being in Naples a couple of years ago in August, it was a completely different city, no chaos whatsoever. Same in Rome too.