17 August 2008

Soaking wet hair

Any Italian readers might want to look away right now.

It seems that the latest fashion is wet hair, as sported here by Shakira and Jennifer Aniston. So I'm in fashion with no effort at all, at least for a few hours in the morning, every other day (hair washing days).

This can no way catch on in Italy where it is a complete no-no not to blow dry your hair. It's right up there with standing in a draft or drinking ice cold water.


Silvia said...

Ha Ha! Your post made me laugh out loud because it is so true. The Italians are completely against wet hair and I know from firsthand experience.
I have been enjoying your blog. I have just started one and I hope to be as interesting as you are.

Delina said...

Hi Silvia, thanks for your comment. Welcome to the blog world :)

Gil said...

That goes good with the guys with the spiked hair!

Tui said...

I know what you mean about blow-dryer taboo. I have caught so much flack for not using one, even though my hair is completely dry in 10 minutes from the heat. The Italians all swear that I'll have a 'mal di testa' or 'mal di golla' or 'mal di whatever' from this outrageous practice on my part. Lol! Blasting myself with hot air in this heat merely gives me dry hair and a sweaty face!

nyc/caribbean ragazza said...

haha. My Caribbean mom would get on my case about leaving the house with wet hair for the same reason.

p.s. did you know air conditioning is bad for you. :)