16 October 2007


It's come COLD in ol' Napoli and temperatures are set to plummet further on Thursday. When I say cold, I'm talking lows of 10°C, highs of 22, which is probably nothing to many, but it's chilly for here. I've got a cold too so that's not helping me to feel warm.

We put the duvet on the bed on Sunday. I LOVE a duvet. Snuggly snuggly. I'm on the porridge on a morning too, with brown sugar. Yum. I've introduced OH to porridge this year and he loves it! I wonder if any other Neapolitans have porridge on a morning. Doubt it.

Thinking back to last year, I went to the beach at the end of October. I can't see the temperatures getting back up so high now, but you never know. Vediamo.


chris & erin said...

yum! That porridge actually sounds good - it's chilly here in Firenze too! You'll have to share the recipe:)

Jeff Gromen said...

I saw on the regional news that there could be snow in the hills of Puglia this weekend. Ma va.... Now that's just wrong. Of course it almost never snows here at sea level. It's pretty much the same there, I think.

Giulia said...

Is porridge the same thing as oatmeal? Porridge makes me think of Goldilocks! :) I hear ya in regards to the cold. I saw it on the news last night too that the weather was going to get cold and stay that way come tomorrow. I'm glad in a way, because I am tired of the fluctuation of temperature throughout the day! Get up, dress warm...middle of the day, peel off layers cause it's hot...end of the day, put everything back on cause it's nippy. This way, if it stays cold, what we put on in the morning stays on all day! lol
I'm all for snuggly pj's and duvets too!

Delina said...

Chris and Erin, you might know porridge better as oatmeal (just Googled that so I could answer Giulia :) ). The Quaker oats kind of cereal. Basically I use a cup of oats, a cup of water and a cup of milk, but you can vary that as you like. Leave to simmer for about 5 mins then top with white/brown sugar or honey.

Jeff: Snow??!

Giulia: Does the American version of Goldilocks eat porridge then, rather than oatmeal? I can't really remember the Goldilocks story. You can tell I don't have kids :)

Alex said...

MMMMmmm do you eat the steel cut or the whole? My Little Man likes eating it too but he is very particular -only brown sugar!

Eryn said...

hope the cold gets better.

while planning our next trip to Italy I've become enthralled with the idea of visiting Napoli. I'll have to hit you up for travel advice when April gets closer!

KC said...

You've already put the duvet on the bed!? N wanted to but I refused.

In the U.S., Goldilocks eats porridge. I never knew what that meant until reading your post! Is oatmeal hard to find in the city?

Nadine said...

Porridge sounds good on a cold day. So you went to the beach last Oct? Wow.

Delina said...

Alex, I'm on the whole rolled jumbo oats at the mo. Good choice of topping Little Man - brown sugar is my favourite too.

Eryn, ask away with the travel advice.

KC, yes the duvet's on. But you have to put it on now! This weekend is even colder. Oatmeal isn't that hard to find in the city, though I'm actually using UK supplies just now. Mail me and I can tell you exactly where to go if you need oatmeal :)

Nadine, yeah I was on the beach last year. I think it will warm up again, but I don't think to the point where I'll be putting my bikini on.

sognatrice said...

Chilly here too--just put on the duvet last night. LOVE IT!

And I have to find some oatmeal/porridge (I like calling it porridge better!). In fact, I just asked my mom to send some in case I can't find any (haven't come across it yet, although I really haven't looked hard).

Yours looks so yummy :)

Alyson said...

Husband and son both tell me there is little to compare weatherwise between here and UK (South) now!! Last year there wasn't a winter here, looks like there will be this year!

Italian Wine Blog - Wine90 said...

Ohh, I'm totally with you on the duvet!

I've been so looking forward to milder evenings and the chance to get my PJs out of storage and wear them... *gasp* sometimes all day!