2 May 2007


I’ve been watching Jamie Oliver’s “Jamie at Home” series. I know I’m a bit behind the times but I’ve only just discovered it on Sky TV.

If you’ve watched this you’ll know that Jamie spends a lot of time in his garden, raving about the vegetables he’s grown and cooking them.

Inspiration soon hit and off I went to stock up on my own seeds. I’m now waiting for lettuce, tomatoes, spring onions and parsley to grow. (Please let them grow!) I’ve also planted a few bulbs too - fressia and irises. I’ve heard it’s too warm for them now, but I’ll have a go. In it to win it and all that.

It's true that gardening is therapeutic. I don’t have a garden, but I’ve lined up the pots on the balcony and have quite enjoyed digging into the dirt with my hands.

Something which alarmed me about Jamie's prog, but more so the OH, was that Jamie made a pizza and put every ingredient he had to hand on it, then he held it up, like a frisbee and said “look what a great pizza I’ve made.” A pizza isn’t supposed to be like cardboard Jamie! He’s quite a ketchup fan too which would be questioned here. On the whole he does some nice recipes, some of which are very simple, for example bruschetta.

The series is dubbed rather than subtitled. It sounds like the voice-over was told that he has to sound “young and exciting” as he sounds a bit forced into enthusiasm. Can't remember how they translate "pukka".


Annika said...

Oh I love Jamie Oliver, his shows are truly inspiring! Although, I once tried to make a chicken with lemon which looked incredible on the show, and it came out inedible. I don't know if it was the recipe or me that was wrong.

BecsLifeOnline said...

Jamie Oliver is great. You really have to let us know how they translate "pukka" just for the entertainment value haha.

KC said...

I'm so impressed! I've been neglecting my garden. I was so excited to hear that you found Jamie Oliver on Sky until I read that it's dubbed! I can't stand dubbing...it confuses my feeble brain.

Frisbee-like pizza! That must have been scary!

Jeff Gromen said...

My mom gave a book written by him and it seems pretty good but I've never seen the show.
I need some inspiration for my balconies. I would love to grow more but it seems every year I forget to water everything for a few days in the middle of summer and it's fried by the sun. Stay on top of garden come this summer!


Delina said...

Update: Last night I discovered they are showing an older Jamie series, it’s not dubbed either. In Italian it’s called something like “Cena da Jamie”. I think it’s the Naked Chef, which I’ve never seen. Jamie’s young in it – 23 years old he said.

In last night’s episode he cooked dinner for his sister’s hen party. He did some nice stuff including a rosemary bread, lemon and lime pie and salmon with veggies.

nyc/caribbean ragazza said...

Delina, have they re-broadcast Jamie's Italy yet? Great series. I loved when he went to a elementary school in a small southern town and was astounded at how well the kids ate for their school lunch and how much they knew about food.

Delina said...

NYC/Caribbean Ragazza, AFAIK Jamie's Italy hasn't been shown here yet. However, I feel like I've almost watched it as my mum talked about it so much! :D I look forward to seeing it.

Jamie talks about an Italian (Gennaro) who taught him to cook. That's a real Neapolitan name, but after the pizza incident I'm no longer sure. Think he could be from Rome...

When I first came here I worked as an au-pair. I remember the kids I looked after would go to the fridge, get a tomato and eat it as a snack. Not a lot of UK kids would do that.

Shirley said...

Delina, if you like I can send you the DVD of all the 6 series. Just drop me an email.

Delina said...

That's a very kind offer Shirley. All 6 series?! You must be one helluva cook :)

I'm a bit wary of involving the postal system in anything...I'll email you though. Thanks.

Kataroma said...

My mum has a big crush on Jamie Oliver.

I read that he's trying to improve school food in England and I really admire him for that. Apparently they feed the kids lots of junk food and he's trying to get them to eat more veg but the dinner ladies are staging a revolt. Go Jamie!