28 May 2007

O' Mar'

As I had a day off today I planned on avoiding the weekend crowds and having my first trip of the year to the beach. "Oh no you don't!" said Signor Weatherman as the clouds came over and the winds picked up. Still determined to get some sea air, I went to a beach in Bacoli for a walk this morning. It was too windy and cloudy to go in the sea, so I just had a bit of a paddle and breathed in the sea air. So bikini stays under wraps for a while longer (phew :D).

There's nothing more relaxing than being by the sea. I love to watch it when it's rough, still, at night, early morning - always! In this photo there are two islands in front of me. The first one is Procida, whilst the one behind it (with the hill) is Ischia.

It's really blowing a gale outside now!


nyc/caribbean ragazza said...

Nice photo. I also love the sea, which is why I couldn't never live full time in a land-locked state. Rivers and lakes are great but there is nothing like the ocean.

Delina said...

That's a beautiful photo you've got in your profile too NYC/Caribbean ragazza.

Max said...

Delinissima, yes, that's Procida! ;)
It's one of my favourite isle in Naples gulf.
I'm wondering if there are people on the beach... on monday will be a weird thing!


J.Doe said...

I just spent a weekend in a seashore state after being 1000 miles away from one all year. It is relaxing.

JennDZ - The Leftover Queen said...

I am so with you on the beach thing! I just cannot get enough of it - it relaxes me like no other thing. I think it is just the awesome power of nature that stuns me!
I have decided after a day at the beach that I am not exhausted..I am just so relaxed and so not used to it!

Gil said...

Beautiful picture. I hope that the sea is all tired out when my wife and I arrive in Naples at the end of June1

sognatrice said...

Gorgeous photo! I hate when the weather turns fickle. Happens a lot here in the springtime, doesn't it? Hope you get to break out the bikini soon :)

nyc/caribbean ragazza said...

thanks Delina, it's Meads Bay in Anguilla, British West Indies.

KC said...

That's such a great picture of the bay- it really captures the color of the sea. I'm feeling relaxed and refreshed just looking at it.

Delina said...

Max, any people on the beach on a Monday are LUCKY in my opinion!

J.doe, that's far from the sea!

Jenndz, it is so relaxing, yeah. Though a day at the beach near here can be stressful if it's high season. I prefer to go when it's quieter.

Gil, I'm sure you'll get better weather in June. Today is already improving. Bad weather doesn't tend to stick around here.

Sognatrice, the bikini will break out soon I'm sure! :)

Nyc/C, that defo gives my picture some competition LOL!

Kc, thanks! I took some nice photos that day.