2 April 2007


I came back from England yesterday. I had a lovely time. It was warm and sunny for the first few days – similar to the weather here just now, but then it took a turn for the worse, so whilst I had my sunglasses on for the first few days, I ended the week wearing my woolly hat.

I did quite a bit of shopping including: Custard powder, medicines, dental floss, Easter eggs, curry powder, tea, crisps, blow-your-head-off English mustard, chewing gum, clothes (quite a few, but not too much damage done).

I got my OH his first non iron shirt. Woo hoo! I’m so excited about that – for obvious reasons, the main one being that I’m the chief ironer. We’re testing this one out and if it really is non-iron (it just sounds too good to be true) then we’ll be using the others for dusters and shipping the new ones in! OH says you might be able to find non-iron shirts here, but I have my doubts...They might be non iron to the wearer because mamma does them, but I’m not sure they’re non-iron in the true sense. The one I got is around 75% cotton, but they do them in 100% cotton too. Amazing.

Whilst shopping I took a purchase back as I decided I didn’t want it. I went right back in and got my money back. Now if your not in Italy that probably won’t impress you, but if you are in Italia you’ll be left open mouthed I’m sure. The only place they will give you money back here (in my possibly, limited experience) is Ikea, and I think even there you only get credit vouchers.

Like the last time I went back, I found the politeness and customer service very nice and refreshing. I filled in a few of those customer service questionnaires where you have to rate everything about a place including the staff and services, etc. Someone not fresh out of Naples might not have been so generous with the comments, but to me it was all so great! Do those feedback forms exist here? I wonder. I don’t think I’ve ever seen one, or one of those comment boxes where you leave your suggestions either.

I ate loads too...Curry, full English breakfast, etc etc. Yum.


Kataroma said...

Hooray for clothes shopping and for customer service! And non-iron shirts!

I've only ever seen one of those customer satisfaction surveys here and it was in really hilarious English ("did you find your shopping experience here to be fine and dandy?"). I suspect that all the surveys went straight into the garbage.

nikinpos said...

How did you manage with the one suitcase only rule? Did you bring any mini eggs back? Got any spare?

Delina said...

Kataroma, hooray indeed!

Nicki, I’ve got packing down to quite an art form now. Since the one bag rule I go with one case with a holdall inside it. Then when I come back I bring the big holdall as hand luggage. It’s a bit of a pain carrying the bigger bag as hand luggage, but as long as you put lighter things in it it’s do-able. I would have liked to have brought much more back this time, but I couldn’t fit it all in :(. I try to go with a case as empty as possible. After all clothes can, and will, be bought there!

And yes, I have mini eggs! My very kind sister got me 2 bags and crème eggs too. Heaven.
About sharing them, well, erm……I’m not sure they’ll keep very well… hmmm

Giulia said...

Welcome back to bella Napoli! It seems as if everyone has been going back "home" lately. I am envious.

"They might be non iron to the wearer because mamma does them, but I’m not sure they’re non-iron in the true sense."
Gonna have to agree with you on that, 100%!

I'm glad you had a pleasant experience making your return. Yeah, you have to have lived in Italy to truly know what you mean by that.

Alyson said...

Glad you had a great time! Which hotel won in the end?!

Don't think I'm going back 'til September now, so kinda envious - missing friends and easy shopping.

Enjoy the eggs for us all!

Delina said...

No trip back in April anymore Alyson? You’ll be able to save your money and go mad in September.

In the end I stayed in the Best Western at Gatwick. I give it a definite thumbs up. And, only £6:50 for buffet breakfast if you book it the night before.

I’ll eat a mini egg for you all don’t worry. And maybe an extra one for good luck. :)