4 March 2007

Sweet Sweet Sunday

I've been a good napoletana today, it started with me making an old lady style ragù with paccheri for lunch. A good ragù takes at least three hours to cook so they say. It's not difficult, it just takes ages.

Then I went out for a walk. The weather was beautiful today, it made me think that spring is on its way. Or will we go straight to summer...? I hope not, I love spring time, where as summer time - here at least - becomes unbearable due to the heat and humidity. I didn't even wear a coat today which shows how warm it was. I'm thinking I might have even caught a bit of sun too!

Continuing the good napoletana role, I picked up some mignon dolci (mini cakes) for dessert (see above). These are a must at Sunday lunch in many homes. Some might argue that they all taste similar...I think they're nice every so often, as long as they're not al gusto di caffè. Blee! Lemony ones are my favourite.

It's a real test of my Italian when I buy them as I have to tell the pasticceria person what I want putting on the little tray and there's normally a queue on Sunday so no time for forgetting the names of cakes - or even worse, not knowing the names. Pointing doesn't always work as from behind the glass an optical illusion occurs and they inevitably pick up the one next to the one I really wanted. Sometimes when I'm not feeling up to it I just say "Mi fai un misto" ("give me a mix"). This is potentially dangerous though as they might try to give you the stuff they can't get rid of so don't take your eye off pasticceria person for a second or you'll end up with a tray of caffè flavoured cakes or even worse, babbà.

Hope you had a buona domenica!


Gia-Gina said...

I am going to miss the trays of sweets so much when i leave italy.

Becslifeonline said...

They look delicious! It would be no use me giving up sweets for lent if I lived in Italy because I certainly wouldn't be able to refuse one (or three) of those!

Giulia said...

I always buy the pasticcini più piccoli . A tray of the big guys just makes it so hard for me to decide! I just wind up pulling out the knife and cutting them up into bite size pieces anyway. lol
My favorite thing to due lately is to get just a tray of minion l'aragosto. You know, those ones that are supposed to resemble a lobsters tail? Yum, they are soooo good!

sognatrice said...

Wow, I wish I was at your house yesterday :)

Max said...

Delina, quella vicino ai dolci è una bottiglia di liquirizia, vero? Se la risposta è si, allora devo dirti che anche io la compro spessissimo!!! (L'ho riconoscita da quel pezzetto di etichetta!)


Delina said...

gia-gina, you'll have to eat as many as you can before you leave :)

Becs, I could never give up dolci either!

Giulia, I know the aragosta tails yeah, they're good.

Sognatrice, one day :)

Max, it is liquorice liquor yes. It's very nice - probably my favourite out of the liquors.