8 March 2007

Happy Festa delle donne!

Did you get/give your mimosas (or other flowers)?

The mimosas flowered about a month ago here so I was interested to see if the mimosa street sellers had their stalls set up today, and sure enough they have! I wonder where they got their mimosas from? The tree near me hasn’t got a flower left on it.

I heard a suggestion on the (UK) radio yesterday which was for men to stand up on public transport and offer their seats to any standing women today. I like that idea even if it didn't happen to me this morning whilst riding metro Napoli. Though in defence of my fellow commuters, I doubt any of them listened to BBC Radio2 yesterday as I did. No one even offered me a bit of bar to hold on to today (boo hoo) so I strategically balanced myself out for the journey, hoping that the train wouldn’t make any sudden movements causing me to loose my balance. City life eh.

If I’m not wrong the Italians celebrate women’s day more than most other countries. Most people say “Auguri” to the women they know and some give/receive flowers. Some celebrate by going out with their girl friends in the evening. I’ve never done that though.

I think there’s still away to go in the way of women’s achievements here: For examples see the number of women in managerial roles here or the portrayal of women on TV (both worthy of their own posts :) ).

To the people who ask if there is a man's day? Yes, every day is man’s day, especially in Italy :D


J.Doe said...

Happy Woman's Day.It's not celebrated here (USA) at all

Giulia said...

Tanti Auguri Delina!

"Some celebrate by going out with their girl friends in the evening. I’ve never done that though."

Is it by choice, or because it's virtually impossible to make friends with the Italian women? UGH
We live so close to each other that maybe next year we can meet up for a drink or something?! :)

Delina said...

Thanks j.doe. It's not celebrated in England either.

Giulia, it's through choice really. In time you'll make friends with Italian women I'm sure. It takes time.

Sounds like a good plan for next women's day!

Ambra Celeste said...

Happy Women's day Delina! "Every day is a man's day" ha! So true!

Shelley - At Home in Rome said...


Jeff Gromen said...

What is this "every day is a man's day"? No way, I have to disagree.
Mens' day is when calcio or Formula 1 or Moto GP are on TV. And maybe also 6 Nations Rugby like tomorrow.
The guy I bought mimosa from said it came from San Remo.


Delina said...

"Mens' day is when calcio or Formula 1 or Moto GP are on TV. And maybe also 6 Nations Rugby like tomorrow."

So that's practically every day Jeff!

Anonymous said...

Strangely enough - what the Italians call "mimosa" is actually the Australian national flower, wattle. This is where Australian sports players get their green and gold outfits from (and those horrible pyjamas they play one day cricket in...)

So for me it was all a little strange when I first moved here and there was wattle everywhere around March 8th. I wonder how wattle came to be associated with international women's day.

The other place I've been that celebrated March 8th in a big way was Russia - no wattle but an all out celebration.

Unfortunately, both Italy and Russia seem like places, as Jeff said, where every other day is "man's day" so maybe it's just a guilt thing. Maybe the idea is to give mum one day off a year from doing the dishes and waiting on us hand and foot.

Jeff - I'm a woman and a rugby fan. In fact I'm watching Italy-Wales right now!


Jeff Gromen said...

You're Australian, that different!
What great games this weekend. Also I think you're right. It's a "guilt" thing. We men know we did something wrong so we'll try to make up for it. I just can't figure out why it's so close to valentine's day.


Kataroma said...

My boyfriend doesn't seem to believe in giving flowers so no wattle on March 8th. :( But he took me out for Indian food on March 9th so I can't complain.

Jeff - I didn't get to see the rest of the match but I'm happy for the Italians that they won! Rugby seems to be an up and coming sport here - so it was exciting.

Delina said...

I’m glad that Italy won, and England too! Yey!

I’m not a big rugby fan, but my sister is (And she’s not Australian either, Jeff ;) ). In fact she’s on the look out for tickets for the rugby world cup this year.

Perhaps Festa della donna is so close to Valentines so that the men who weren’t quite up to standard in February have a chance to play catch up, at least on the flower front - ha ha. Plus all those left over Baci chocolates get a bit of yellow ribbon tied round them and they’re good to go for women’s day.

Kataroma, I love flowers, but Indian food sounds like a great substitute!