19 February 2007


I got back from Paris on Saturday. Here are some observations from my trip:

* Practically everyone was polite and friendly.

* Rosè wine is popular in Paris from what I saw. Here it's not very popular and is considered inferior to white or red wines. Personally, I like a rosè in summer.

* Good dress sense seen in Paris. Even though it was colder than here - about 3 degrees in the evening, people weren't buried under layers of clothing like they are here. They seemed braver towards the cold like the Inglesi are. I saw women with tights and heels and a winter coat (the just-left-the-office look) which is a look I like. In Naples, even though it's warmer in comparison, you usually see women in boots or trousers until Spring.

* People smoke in restaurants. In the places I went the whole restaurant seemed to be one big smoking section.

* Shop assistants didn't pounce on my entry as they do here. I did go in the bigger shops mainly, so I'm not sure about the smaller stores - that could be a different story, non saprei.

* Walkers crisps are called Lays en France. Potentially confusing.


Ambra Celeste said...

Ciao Delina! I am finally caught up on your blog; I love it! I must admit that I am more than a little intrigued with Napoli. I have heard it said that "You haven't had pizza until you've eaten it in Naples."
Speaking of Paris though, (I have never been) the shopping experience sounds refreshing, as well as the kind and courteous people! I am going to have to go there someday...
Keep blogging, it has been fun to read! And thank you for stopping by my blog. Ciao!

Shirley said...

I agree with you about the French being very polite and friendly,when I lived there 20 years ago I found them a bit arrogant, but that all changed when I spent last summer there,lovely people.Haven't been to Paris yet, love to one day though.

Delina said...

Thanks for stopping by Ambra!

Becslifeonline said...

I love Paris fashion as well :-)