2 January 2007

Holidays over

It feels like the holidays are over for me now :( . There's the Befana still left but she's decided to come on a Saturday this year which isn't much use at all if you're hoping for an extra days holiday. Oh well, Christmas and the New Year have landed well for most people this year so I'm not complaining.

Wonder if I'll get anything form the Befana this year. Sweets if you're good, coal if you're bad. I'll be on my best behaviour between now and Saturday.


Michellanea said...

We do stockings on Christmas (as per American tradition) so the Befana is kind of anti-climactic for me. Plus I'm not Catholic (or pagan in this case) so these holidays just kind of pass right by me. Welcome back!

Delina said...

I get the best of both worlds as I had my Christmas stocking in England, now I'm here for the Befana. Greedy eh.