8 January 2007

Broccoli e orecchiette

Put the water to boil for the pasta. When it's boiling add the pasta to cook until al dente. Ideally use orecchiette but casarecce will do too.

Boil the broccoli for 10mins - add a vegetable stock cube to the water (otherwise add salt instead of the stock cube)

Fry a piece of garlic in about 3 tablespoons of oil for 5 minutes on a low flame. Be careful not to burn the garlic!

Add one chili pepper (or crushed chili pepper) to the oil and continue to cook for 3-4 minutes.

Remove the garlic and chili pepper (if you've used the whole chili) from the oil.

Add the drained broccoli to the oil on a low flame for about 3-4 minutes.

When the pasta is ready, drain it and add it to the broccoli. Add an handful of grated Pecorino Romano cheese and mix it all together.


It takes only about 20 minutes to make and is a nice winter dish. Easy peasy. In the photo I have used a mix of casarecce and orecchiette, because, well, erm, someone forgot to go to the shop.


Michellanea said...

I noticed the orecchiette/casarecce mix right away. Nothing wrong with that. hee hee. I make it like this but without the cheese!

Anonymous said...

I love them too. Ma se non si mette il pecorino sulle orecchiette ai Broccoli (o, direi alla Barese) che orecchiette sono? :D

sognatrice said...

The first time I made this I couldn't believe how easy it was--and so tasty!

Elle said...

I swear my mouth ACTUALLY watered when I encountered your photo just then!


Judith in Umbria said...

Mine is different, too. I got the recipe from a Barese radio station site.
1. garlic is sliced and gently browned in the oil with 3 peperoncini, one broken open and 2 anchovy filets, which melt and disappear.
2. the broccoli is thrown into the pasta water a few minutes before it is to be ready.
3. absolutely no cheese allowed, but browned bread crumbs are suggested for those who need decoration!
Try it, it's great!

Delina said...

Hi Judith!
Your recipe sounds like it would be quite different to mine. Thanks for the idea, I look forward to trying it.