13 December 2006


The TV in the kitchen started to make a loud crackling noise like it was going to explode on Monday so we decided that a replacement was necessary - especially as dinner is just not the same without Un Posto al Sole ...So we passed by Carrefour (big supermarket) last night after work where we got a small TV and I got some bargain half price fairy lights too! It's the right time to buy them now that most people put up their trees. I love fairy lights, you can never have too many! I quite like a trip to Carrefour, they could open a few more tills though, oh well, it's so often the case.

The traffic coming back was really bad, the rush "hour" here is from about 16:30 till 20:00, and in the morning from about 7:30 to 10:00 so it's not easy to avoid it. There's a busy time around lunch too when many schools finish for the day and some shops close for lunch.

I noticed last night that on a two laned (one way) road, the drivers had turned it into a three laned road. Creative eh? So this way three lanes of traffic can pass - tight as it may be - rather than just the two. OH explained that this is because Neapolitans are very good at making the best use of the little space they have. They are forced to do this because too many people live in too small an area, so they need to make these space saving solutions, another traffic related space saving idea would be triple (not just double) parking.

It seems that road markings are a waste of time here really - pedestrian crossings, those down the middle of the roads to divide the road, parking spaces etc, all not much use... All that studying I did for scuola guida too, all through the window! :)


J.Doe said...

I often wondered why the book they give you in scuola guida with all the rules of the road is so thick when everyone who drives seems to do whatever they want without respecting these rules. I never figured it out.

Max said...

Delinissima, anche io vedo un posto al sole è la mia soap preferita! Comunque, sono completamente d'accordo con te sul fatto che a Napoli, ma più generalmente in Italia, si guida in modo particolare; e comunque è vero, i napoletani sono bravissimi ad ottimizzare "gli spazi" :D


Delina said...

j.doe, I think it's a case of do as we say, not as we do :)

Max, infatti, in Italia si guida in un modo MOLTO *particolare* :)

Elle said...

My name is Elle and I am a Carrefour addict *gulp* Heh heh!

I love fairy lights too. We bought our fairly lights from there too, and they look great on the tree. When the tree comes down, I'm going to keep them out, maybe put them on the balcony!

I also love Un Posto al sole - although I'm watching with subtitles, not good enough yet to do without them!

Oh and Lilly is so so gorgeous.