6 December 2006

New cat :)

After some research and consideration, we went to the local vet to ask his advice about getting a cat. Like a used car sales man he said "I've got just the cat for you!" as he knew a woman who had rescued a cat from some kids at a school in a rough area and she was looking for a home for the kitten. She was out doing her shopping with said kitten at the time (don't ask, we didn't) so we waited until she arrived with the soon-to-be-ours bundle of joy in a bird cage (we didn't ask about that either).

After the vet checked her over we took her home and opened her cage, she edged out, hissed at me and then got behind the washing machine where she remained until the next day when I had to use the washing machine and so off she went again. We searched HIGH AND LOW but she was no where to be found - we even doubted that she was in the house anymore. We discovered eventually that she was under the sofa and that we had't lost her as suspected - phew! We had looked under the sofa during our search so I can only imagine how she had been huddled in a corner or clinging to the bottom.

Until recently as soon as she saw us she dived back under the sofa, but now she's getting slowly a little more courageous and comes out to sit on the sofa or play. She still gets scared if we make much noise or sudden movements, but hopefully piano piano we are getting there.

Her favourite things so far:
Washing hanging out to dry
Plastic wine cork
Plastic ball with bell inside.
Toy mouse attached to scratch mat
Xbox - used to reach the curtains
The curtains

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Something... said...

We found our kitten in the dish washer once (unloaded) after my kids asked my husband what the scrabbling noise coming from the sink area was.